People dream of a lot of things in their life but not everyone is capable of achieving all of them. Nadir Awais is a singer and aspiring doctor. Also, he is not among those people who are not capable, in fact he has a lot of potential in him to become somebody really intelligent and also really popular. He pays a great deal of attention to his educational background apart from his hobbies of singing and songwriting because he has the long term dream of becoming a doctor. Preparing for NEET is not easy. It is in fact one of the most difficult examinations that are held in India, coming second to UPSC and some other civil service examinations. Therefore, he needs to concentrate a lot on his main motive and goal and also maintain his artistic value.

Nadir Awais considers considers his mother an father as his sole mentor. They have given him a lot of motivation in life. He is actually lacking in self belief, this is the reason why lacking confidence is his only weakness but he is sure to overcome that also provided his efforts to be more conscious. Unless we recognise our weaknesses, we’re not going to recognise our strengths also. This young man has a very positive attitude towards life and a very optimistic outlook, assuming that everything is doable and every goal is achievable provided the commitment and discipline to take the first step and do it.

As a child also he was very fond of singing and he grew up learning to sing and the different techniques of improving his voice. He is actually naturally gifted and he did not have to work very on this. His favourite starts include Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh. They are a true inspiration from him because he wants to become like them someday, gaining a lot of fans because of their talents an outstanding qualities. With this positive outlook towards life, he is surely going places. Just like he has performed in a lot of concerts for colleges, and won many prizes too, he is going to have greater opportunities in the near future.

Nadir Awais surely has a message for the readers. According to him, people should focus on their goals and put it first in front of every other useless thing. Just like he’s focused on singing and becoming a doctor, people should also continue to work harder for their goals and not just relax. Because, once he has achieved his goal, he’s going to have his entire life to relax then.