Nafas Hussey

Nafas Hussey’s strong personality and her magical looks grabbed the attention of many across the world

It may take years to realize what their hearts truly seek, while some others may realize their true calling, understand their dreams and their passion for something at a very early age. These individuals, without wasting any time, fearlessly jump into their chosen industries with a strong quest to achieve excellence and unique success that can make them stand apart from the rest of the world. Such individuals go ahead in taking those industries by storm, earning the respect of people worldwide. Nafas Hussey stands as a classic example of one such woman professional, a model and a modern art artist.

When people hear about the successful names in the creative and artistic industries, they also feel intrigued to learn about their struggles and challenges. Nafas Hussey says that getting into industries that people know are fiercely competitive needs courageousness. However, still, a few like her took those risks and stepped into the industry anyway to see if their passion could actually gain them the name they wish to make in the industry. “Things have been tough, I have to say, especially now during a pandemic, where almost all industries have faced its brunt, the modelling space too had to face grim times, where models like me had to leave on projects for safety reasons and due to the many restrictions, that came in for travel,” says Nafas Hussey.

Adding further, she said, “I was modelling in Dubai in 2019 and was even offered to model in Lebanon and in Dubai for jewellery shops; however, things did not happen due to the pandemic.” She explains that many industries today are facing volatility as they don’t know when things would get back to normal, especially the modelling and entertainment industries, which are badly hit with cancelled shows and halted shoots. “However, artists are like flowing water; they never stop creating and never stop learning and growing. They know how to adapt to situations while honing their skills and improving their artistic craft,” highlights the mesmerizing Iranian beauty, who now resides in Australia.

Her love for modern art is also very special. She graduated in architecture and moved to Australia in 2010, where she studied visual arts. Her beautiful canvas creations have done extremely well in expeditions in Iran and Sydney, showing her prowess in modern abstract and modern contemporary art.

Nafas Hussey has been focusing on growing her modelling career and desires to yet again set the stage on fire as a model. Connect with her on Instagram @nafas.hussey to know more.