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I’m Nancy Misra, popularly known as “The Cynosure Girl”  on Instagram & YouTube, an enthusiastic Blogger, and an Entrepreneur.

I am the co-founder at My Business Route and recently, The Template Market. It’s been so long since I’ve started my journey in this beautiful online world. Before coming into all these, I was just a normal college girl and I am really fond of creating online businesses and teaching people how they can make passive income.

Early Life

I found business as my passion 3 years back when I was preparing for my MBA. I was not so much passionate at that time about business, I was just doing it because I thought it would be a good career for me.

Then, one day one of my friends, Abhishek, asked me – “let’s start a business”. I surprised, because it was the first time when someone asked me to do any business.

So, I decided and said – “Alright! We can start”. Then, we started searching for some business ideas everywhere. We somehow decided a business idea, which we implemented but eventually got failed.

But I have never taken this failure as a “failure” because I know that without failure you cannot understand the taste of success. So, I think that failure is too important as much as your success.

Then, one year later, I started my Instagram Page by the name “The Cynosure Girl” and this time, I got successful. Today, I have more than 13k followers there and I love to share my knowledge and experiences with others.

My Instagram Page is all about Online Business and Entrepreneurship, and I find myself blessed as there are so many people who get inspired by my daily posts and videos.

I love to see the thing that I’m contributing something whatever I can and people are also benefitting from my work. What else can be good as this part!

Later, I thought, why not expand this contribution by starting a blog?

Because I really wanted to share my ideas with others and also to work on my passion, I started a new blog, “My Business Route”.

On this platform, I use to share online business-related tips and tricks. I am still working on this platform not only to upgrade my skills but also because I always wanted to do something that can help others.

How I got my interest in online businesses?

I always use to watch so many motivational videos of big entrepreneurs, so, I can say that these people have inspired me to start my own online business.

When I first started my career, my friend Abhishek and me were struggling a lot to sell our first product online. And the funniest thing was, we were successful in selling our first product when we almost closed our online shop. That was our first and last online order.

That was really funny!

These were some problems that every entrepreneur has to face in his/her initial journey. It was the main reason I got an interest in sharing my experiences with others, so that people would learn something from our mistakes.

As you might have heard that – “You learn more from people’s mistakes rather than their successes”.

How I got my first Social Media Client?

It was my college time when we both (Abhishek and me) started our business of providing social media marketing services. We approached a local restaurant where we got our first client to manage their social media pages.

We worked for 3 months as their social media marketers and then lockdown happened and everything got suddenly stopped.

How Personal Brand became my strongest marketing tool?

When I first started my Instagram page, I never thought of doing things whatever I’m doing right now. Initially, my plan was just to market my e-commerce store.

But then I found Instagram as an amazing place for building your Personal Brand.

Personal Branding can be a good tool for marketing if you correctly make a strategy. Today, I drive traffic to my website and YouTube Channel with the help of Instagram and it really works.

Final Thoughts

I believe that you should never stop working towards your goals, even it’s the wildest one. Yes, it true that if things are not working for you, you should change your strategy but never ever stop dreaming at any cost.

Your dreams are the only source of your power that drives you to achieve your goals.

My Business Route

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