Emirati Internet Celebrity and Model Naser Hasan Gives Tips on Staying Healthy

It actually doesn’t even matter how much ever we talk about different big names in the Internet world, working across niches, it always feels that much more discussions are needed around them so that it can go ahead in inspiring other young talents in the world and fill their hearts with more hope and positivity. Furthermore, to become a prominent name being a model is a difficult task, but few individuals have been showing how it should be done and how they attain the success they desire. 

One amongst these names is Naser Hasan, who is a part of the Emirati modelling industry and even amidst so much competition, Naser has been able to stand apart from others, not just because of his chiselled looks and personality, but also for his innate skills.

Naser gives his top tips on staying healthy.

According to Naser, “staying healthy is always going to be about making the right choices and planning ahead and to stay active, your body needs a combination of quality nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise and along with a positive mindset”.

So read on for Naser’s top tips on staying healthy:

1. Sleep Well – The amount of sleep you need differs from person to person and body type to body type. This cannot be stressed enough. It is during sleep that your hormones repair and rejuvinate your body. 

2. Eat Healthy Foods – You’ve heard it a lot of times, and certainly if you are in the modelling industry, you will already know the importance of natural and whole foods.

3. Stay hydrated – Our bodies need approximately 60% of water. Skin, muscles, organs and your brain are all full of it and they need at least 2L or 8 cups of water a day to function. 

4. Keep Moving – Movement will keep your metabolism working for you

Need some motivation? Check out his IG handle!

Model Naser Hasan recently took to Instagram to post his pictures for his fans. Moreover, from his social posts, it is evident that the model is consistently active on Instagram where he has around 126k followers.

Lots of Naser’s fans hold high expectations of him, and he tries his best to deliver it through his posts. He is a fantastic content creator who loves posting professional images on his IG page.

Model Naser Hasan has indeed proved that nothing is impossible to achieve if one works hard to accomplish their targets and they can do wonders in their career irrespective of their age if the desire to reach the top is strong. He stands as a fine example of it.

To know more about him, follow him on Instagram: @modelnaser