Where do Recruiters come from? Are some people just born to be Recruiters?

I think that when you were young you did not say “ I want to grow up and be a Recruiter.”. It is not usually the first idea when you are thinking about your career path.

What really Happens ? What motivates you ?

I believe that a good Recruiter is both born and made. He/she is predisposed with certain innate personality traits combined with emotional intelligence, and those traits need to be honed and nurtured.

Surely you have to be very passionate about this job. You love recruiting because on the one hand you enjoy solving hiring manager’s business needs and on the other hand you enjoy helping job applicants to find their career path. The satisfaction of a good match keeps you going. There’s nothing more rewarding than that and this is the key of your profession.

Therefore, if your love is true and If you are really thinking to start a career in recruiting and to be successful, ask yourself if you have these essential traits :

Be able to think fast and without restraint: Could you look at a resume and in fifteen seconds be comfortable with whether or not that person might be a right fit? Highly analytical people tend not to do well in recruiting, as there is a high volume of input (screening resumes) and output (talking to managers, setting up interviews).

Be a Storyteller: Appeal to the Imagination. As you develop your stories, keep in mind your end goal, which is helping candidates imagine themselves as employees of your organization. What information is really important to the candidate you’re talking to at the moment? What stories could you tell that would appeal to that individual?

Be a Detective: You have to love being a detective and to love mistery. You do not have to be afraid to work outside your comfort zone and be open to exploring new ways and unchartered territories. You don’t know often exactly what you are looking for. You receive a job description and then you identify the match when you see it.

Be a Strong Communicator: Are you persuasive? Do you know how to say the right thing at the right time? do you know how to listen? A recruiter must possess an excellent communication skill which includes good listening as well. You will never assess candidates by only talking, you only understand their motivation, attitude and who they are when you listen a lot and ask good questions. You need to listen more to recruit more and to find the best candidate for your job vacancy.

Be Meticolous: You have a lot things to do. Managing job postings and descriptions, reviewing resumes, sourcing and interviewing candidates, creating a positive candidate experience, partnering with hiring managers. So you have to be always tidy and you never lost anything.

Be a Winner: Recruiting is a competitive field. The war for top talent is very hard and so a healty sense of competition is necessary to win it.

Be Sales-Driven : Recruiting is Selling, infact Recruiters have to sell twice; once to sell the candidate to the hiring manager and again to sell the company and the position to the candidate.

Be Social: Start to make social recruitment part of your hiring strategy: Using social media for recruitment requires much more than posting job announcements on LinkedIn.

  • Go beyond the social media giants Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram and start to use niche forums and networks, particularly if you are recruiting for specialized skills.
  • Tailor your recruitment message to each audience and share messages that make sense and engage each group.
  • Leverage your own social network.
  • Make sure the application process is mobile-friendly and readily available
  • Promote the brand and the workplace.

Originally published at medium.com