There is one overriding concept that distills down everything discussed in the six previous articles. Nature is a connected system, our current society promotes separation, Nature is not pleased.

Nature is bringing us to a state where we are seeing ourselves and recognizing the evil we have created in the world, stemming from our inner state of egoism. A disruptive force called COVID-10 has emerged, and we as a society are busily moving against it, trying to kill it. It will continue to exist, however, and if we do not manage the underlying cause for its appearance—ego—its more robust progeny will appear.

To the degree that we are willing to accept our role in the world crisis, we will be open to change our inner attitude. We can see COVID-19 as a global intervention by Nature designed to move us from our linear and egoistic approach to life to an altruistic, circular form of society—our next stage of development. Whether or not we go kicking and screaming or move gently with nature depends on how much more serious the blows of the future may be.

How Do We Do This?

Let’s say the major hospital in a city is old, crowded and out-of-date and city council decides that their medical care delivery system needs improvement, so they hire an architect to draw a plan for a new hospital. A well-drawn blueprint, however, is predicated on the architect’s education. He must be well-versed in every aspect of his profession and have engendered confidence in the community through the excellence of his other projects. He has built inside himself the form of “architect” out of which he proceeds with his blueprint.

We find ourselves living in the space between “before” and “after” coronavirus and we’re beginning to comprehend that we need a blueprint for the after. This is a perfect time to educate ourselves about what the corrected world would look like and to develop a blueprint for manifesting it. The architect creates an image inside himself of a building that will mitigate basic problems and meet certain codes. What we must understand is that the problem in society is not coronavirus, but the ego, and the code that must be met is the laws of Nature.

It’s an Inside Job

Nature’s laws do not reside “out there,” but inside us. We can utilize them for our betterment or for our harm. If I want to participate in change, do I destroy what exists or create something opposite to it for balance? Do I refuse to wear a mask on some principle or do I wear it to protect others? Do I demean and make fun of political leaders on social media or do I realize that I am connected to them and hate what they say because there is some of it in me? Do I hoard food for myself or do I join others to prepare for harder times because we depend on each other? Am I willing to take on individual responsibility for my actions and their impact? Am I willing to begin learning to use this formula: desire–>thought–>action?

So is there then no freedom? No individuality? To the contrary. Our state now is one where we have been exploited to such a degree by those who have wealth and power that we believe we are free because we have everything we need. But, in reality, we are their slaves, feeding their coffers through the over-inflated sense of work ethic and consumer behavior that they have instilled in us.

Freedom is submitting to the flow of nature. It is the choice to bestow rather than receive. It is developing a society that lives and breathes together in mutual guarantee. It is comprehension that surrendering to nature’s forces endows us with the power to chart our own good futures.

What we know is that coronaviruses stay among us for about two years before ceasing to be a present threat. The United Nations is predicting global food shortages as the result of coronavirus. We are already watching the crumbling of our economic, political, educational, and health care systems and of our food chain. We see the desperation of those in power to maintain what they see slipping away from them. The world is becoming restless. We have yet fully to grasp the fact that we live in nature and that her laws will prevail.

If things go as badly as some predict between now and the end of next year, we will simply have no choice but to connect together as life after COVID-19 is upon us. Societal change requires an inner model that understands and accepts the principles of the laws of Nature. Without an inner image—individually and collectively—of a new and changed society we cannot build it.

What I’m discovering is that visualizing a new world is easy, because it is simply the opposite of what we have now. Changing my thinking in the here and now, as I contemplate my actions, is hard, because I want what I want when I want it. I see the laws of nature at work, however, and I know with certainty that the intentions behind my actions are the cause of an effect that ripples throughout the system of Nature. I have deep-seated confidence in her laws. I know with certainty that each of us individually can and will determine the nature of life after coronavirus and that when many of us (it’s said to be only 10%) create a collective force toward aligning with Nature’s laws that the world will change.

So, have confidence, my friends. Watch Nature in action and assess the manner you wish to influence her. It is the calling of the 21st century to allow a new, friendly, loving and connected world to emerge. Nature acts predictably, according to her laws, and when we begin to align with them, she will meet us more than half-way and we will begin to feel her good and her abundance. It all depends on what we create inside ourselves that will manifest itself in the world. She wants to do this for us and if we but ask, she will