Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and imagine that you see a bright red rose. You can smell its fragrance, you can touch  and feel its smoothness and its thorns. You hear a nearby birdsong and your heart bursts with pleasure at experiencing the absolute splendor of Nature. How is this possible? What forces are at work that would allow this feeling of being wrapped in  a cocoon of beauty and sublimity and pleasure? Is there a purpose here or has this exquisite thing, we call “Nature” just organize itself from random matter? How and why, out of this system that gives such pleasure, did a microscopic piece of genetic material called COVID-19 unleash itself on mankind?

Understanding how such a thing can happen is worth thinking about. In this series of articles about Nature’s laws, I will share my impressions for you to try on for size. We are part of Nature, so to understand Her is to understand ourselves. We will examine how everything in Nature works together and about the laws or forces, within Her that govern everything. Each law is unique and discrete and at the same time interacts with the other forces to form the fabric of our relationships with each other. We will examine the two basic forces within Nature—reception and bestowal and we will consider Her laws of balance, interconnection, altruism and interdependence, Finally, we will examine  how knowing all of these things can allow all of us to use these forces inside ourselves so that we can enter, with eyes wide open, into a new world that the virus is forcing us to contemplate.

The Evolution of Nature

It all began after the Big Bang, when one particle began connecting with other particles, and atoms came into being. This tiny particle or spark held within it the entire potential for the formation of the universe. The connecting of atoms resulted in molecules, where there was already life in their transmission among themselves of energy and information. More complex forms of life developed that included everything within that first particle, and more. Development of life on earth continued through four stages or levels—inanimate, vegetative, animal and human. You can look around you and see that all of these levels exist independent of each other and in intimate connection with each other—the soil, the rosebush, the bird and you.

  • The inanimate, also called still, level of existence came first—atoms, molecules, gases, rocks, stars, planets—the foundation of all the life that was to evolve. 
  • Then the vegetative level—all organic plant matter—emerged. Plants have the ability to clarify what is beneficial and harmful to them, for example, they lean toward the sun. Plant species are individual, but all operate within the general nature of flora. Contained within this level are all elements of the still. 
  • The animate, or animal, level is able to move from place to place. Each species is unique and each animal develops its own individuality and chooses between good and bad toward its own benefit. It is able to reproduce and care for its young. Within it are all the components of the two levels that preceded it.
  • The preparation for the human level was then complete—a lush Eden filled with everything we need to flourish and reach our fullest potential. Inside us are the minerals of the earth, the reproductive qualities or the flora, the instincts of animals plus uniquely human qualities. We are endowed with intelligence and emotion, the ability to look beyond the present and remember the past, and with the capacity to feel ourselves as living entities.

Getting to Know Nature

Nature is an integral system. Entities on each level are intimately connected with each other and, most important of all, these levels are all connected together within a single system called Nature. There is nothing that happens in the universe that does not leave an impression on every other entity within the system. 

Nature is a deterministic system. There is nothing that happens in the universe that is not under the influence of Her laws, including every thought, feeling and action of each human being. We have no choice at all about being governed by these laws, but we can choose whether or not to act in alignment with them. 

Nature has an eternal and benevolent purpose. She prepared a home on Earth for us so that we would have  everything we need to survive in comfort and create societies of loving and happy people.

There are two forces in Nature that underlie and manage all the others. These are called bestowal and reception. All entities on the earth are governed by these two energies and all of Nature’s other laws extrude out from them.

Nature maintains herself through a system of immutable laws. We are aware of certain laws, such as gravity, which is implemented immediately and finally if we step off of a tall building. There are other more subtle, but equally binding laws called interdependence, altruism, balance, Interconnection, reception and bestowal. Being in alignment with these laws is the key to human fulfillment and happiness.

Are You Curious Yet?

Are you startled by my bald assertion of things you aren’t sure are true? Are you wondering why it’s important to even know these things? If so, I invite you to follow this series of articles where I’ll share my perceptions about Nature and why the coronavirus is a gift, offering us an opportunity to come together to design a brand new world that works for everyone.