India is filled with brilliant young minds who are everyday shocking us with new technologies and trends. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that India can witness many entrepreneurs contributing aggressively towards its development in the coming years. 

On the same lines, we can already observe and experience the authentic and live examples through the story of Mr. Naveed Ahmad. Born in the small town of Delhi, Naveed is a young entrepreneur who has turned dreams into absolute reality with incredible potential of reshaping the ice cream industry that too with newest available technologies. 

In 1985, Naveed’s grandfather Riyaz Ahmad started a new ice-cream venture named National India Ice cream, which was then overtaken by his father, Mr. Zafar Ahmad. At the young age of 16, Naveed became his father’s helping hand and contributed his strength towards his family business. 

Naveed has been passionate since childhood and always dreamt of turning his ice-cream venture into a new-edge ice-cream industry. Over the years, Naveed understood the advancement in technology and figured out that traditional advertising or offline marketing won’t grow his business in this fast-paced world. 

After the study, evaluation, and immense hard work, Naveed has set up an innovative approach or a digital-model for his business that can provide comprehensive visibility and an amazing aspect of turning every industry digitally. He uses every digital platform like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and many more for promotion and applied several AI-powered strategies to chase the results. Not surprisingly, he is achieving his goal everyday and validating his statement, “If you know Digital-Marketing, you can revolutionize any business or industry, and that’s so true because he did it practically. 

In conclusion, Naveed is an emerging young leader in the digital-marketing and ice-cream industry. He has crossed all the bars of excellence, age-limit, creativity, and whatnot. He has established a true example of “age doesn’t matter when you are on a track of success for achieving your goal”.