Step 1: What if we can become aware that we’re navigating through two worlds right now?

The decaying world, which is crumbling and hanging on, is filled with judgment, blame, greed, scarcity, competition, loneliness, a need to be right and win at all costs and the need to mask our selves and be positive and happy, too often at our own expense. This world is mired with problems needing constant solutions and more innovation, in a stress-driven environment that has us consuming toxic beliefs, food and people. 

 When we’re aware that the foundation of this world is mostly unconscious and rotting, we no longer need to save this world or make it better. We realize it’s time to see problems as opportunities and find ways to create bridges to a healthy world with systems that serve the vast majority of humanity — from education to financial to legal to healthcare to community and anything we can imagine and create.

The emerging world connects us to the level of reality we are in transition to —integrating life and work with unity, kindness, opportunity mindset, cooperation, co-creation. Understanding how expansive the human imagination is and our ability to create healthy systems is so needed right now.

But the current collective fear, greed, divisiveness, conflict, need to win and be #1, and scarcity mindset that there’s not enough or we’re not good enough knocks us back into the decaying paradigm by design. We are being feed constant unhealthy beliefs and fear so we can consume more and more stuff.

What if we can become aware that we’re simply navigating through two worlds right now, and start building our own bridges to the world that’s emerging right now?

Step 2: What if we can understand that we can live in possibilities instead of constant problems?

A lot of people are showing up as experts wanting to to teach and instruct us on how to be successful, and even spiritual! Somehow so many people want to heal us with their methods and beliefs. Some of it is honorable and some of it is people wanting to hold our wallet as we go through the dark night of the soul. Just be aware that no one holds our answers. None of us fit neatly into someone’s framework. It’s our time to do our own work, in our own way and connect with heart-based people who actually care about ourselves and the collective.

You matter!!! And, every person, and living being, on this planet matters. It’s not selfish to practice self-love and nourish and enrich ourselves with rest. When we’re rested and less stressed, we’re able to share more of ourselves and understand how connected we all are. Self-care is most important as it fuels the body and soul with clarity of purpose. 

Please remember to also take care of yourself, while you reach out to others when we need support. Don’t just exhaust yourself helping others at your own expense. This is a time of balance that constantly tries to push us over the edge.

A new friend came for lunch the other day. As we were talking, she mentioned that she needed to get some electronic in town. I told her she can have mine since I was no longer using it and it’s just sitting there taking space. She asked me what I wanted in return and offered me money. I told her to enjoy it as it was just collecting dust. 

She looked confused but I realized that if I don’t start practicing what I imagine is possible in the new world, I stay stuck in the old. And I wondered if every time she used it, she thought of how she can pay it forward to someone else, what can we co-create? What if what someone truly needs is not always physical, how can we be there for them through our actions? Do you have material items that someone else can benefit from? Do you have support you can give someone with a visit or a call? And do you know, what it is you truly need right now???

Step 3: What if we can practice purging and releasing whatever is unhealthy and toxic in our life so we can shift that energy?

We can release the harmful limiting belief structures we’ve been holding in our beings. Letting go of what no longer serves us allows the energies within our whole body — mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual — expand so we can see the opportunities in front of us, instead of the problems. It allows us to turn off news that brings us stress and get grounded in possibilities, instead of constant worry and unhealthy fear. Would you continually eat toxic food if you knew it causes cancer? Do you need to consume beliefs and news that cause you stress and anxiety? 

When we realize that we didn’t come to this planet to suffer and be depressed, much can shift within us as we control the volume on the noise. We can realize that we actually came here to create and experience joy in its many forms. Can you imagine the world you want to live in? What’s your role in it? Why are you here?

The process of shifting our thoughts and beliefs and becoming increasingly aware that there is another way and we don’t need to stay trapped in the paradigm that is dying, and trying to stay alive with all its might, causes immense shifts. It impacts that way our bodies and minds function. Letting go and releasing the heaviness of negative thinking and emotions, helps us become lighter and more open to creation. But it takes practice and work.

We can free our mind from the problems unnecessary restrictions, as healthy thoughts and realizations flood into our awareness. Opportunities may appear in our life because we’ve made the space to have them emerge. This process goes far beyond restructuring our thoughts, emotions, and body. 

What this actually means is that we can start observing, without judgment, blame or a need to be right. Because we can realize that being stuck in winning and being right holds no benefit. What is the point of being divided and conflicted? Our world needs us to let go of the past stories of caped heroes and warriors saving us. No one wants to be saved or fixed or changed. 

What happens when we can release our hold on the past? What happens when we can see what has been waiting for us to embrace it — kindness, compassion and generosity? 

What boundaries are holding you back? What do you truly need in your lifetime? How can you purge, release and free yourself and be part of a healthy community?

Step 4: Ask yourself how willing are you to trek into the unknown and take steps that match your desires?

This step may be the most difficult for many of us. It requires us to step out of the comfort and safety that we’re familiar with and to step into unknown territory. While it’s easy to talk about it, it’s quite different to learn to function at this level. We’ve been conditioned to be in a state of fight-or-flight where we don’t feel safe or accepted, because the world is a threat to us. We can learn to let go of much that we’re used to and to which we have an attachment. It requires perseverance and courage to practice.

While it may be challenging to make this shift, the rewards are tremendous. Healthy doors can be opened when perceiving and experiencing the world of possibilities. Even more important, it opens the possibility to become a co-creator of a healthy life. But it takes a bagful of curiosity and courage to find healthy bridges that we may need to construct ourselves. 

Step 5: Is it time to step off the stage, and drop the mask and step out of the role you’ve played in this drama?

Can we stop being a character in someone else’s story and drop the persona we were expected to play throughout our lifetime, according to the manual we were given at an early age on how to be successful? New, healthier roles are available to each of us when we change the costume or remove the makeup. We can play on the edges and don’t need a spotlight that sucks our energy for the next win or the next high. 

We’ve been conditioned to believe that safety and comfort are healthy, which makes transitions for many challenging. We can allow a situation to crush us or we can let it set us free from the shackles of the past that have been holding us back from finding our courage to create. Directing our energy toward what we want to create can be super healthy, and scary for those doing it for the very first time. But like anything, practice and intention can serve as powerful guides. Imagine a world where more parents could spend time with their kids creating instead of jumping on the next conference call and heading out on another business trip? 

Step 6: What happens when we realize that everything is here?

The universe is calling each of us to build our own solid foundation from which we can construct a healthy life for ourselves. We’re not separate from Nature and during these times, fully understanding the flow we’re in can set us free. Everything around us is shifting as life is comprised of life and death. It’s the most natural cycle. And it’s time for unhealthy paradigms, foundations and systems to die. We need to take them off life support so they can stop spreading fear and stress into our lives.

This is a time to imagine what our education system can look like for a new generation of children who are wiser than many of us. How should we provide healthcare instead of sick care? What should work look like and how do we create lifeaholics instead of workaholics? Can you imagine government, business and financial systems that don’t restrict us but serve the vast majority of humanity in every corner of the earth?

And the beauty of it all is we have been given the gifts to construct our best life ever when our minds and hearts are healthy. We’re able to see with new eyes how much we have and how much is possible when we’re kind and generous. They way we see the world shapes our daily experience. Are you holding on to the old world with fear, stress, anxiety, shame and blame? And if so, why? Can you breath and imagine the world that is emerging and what your role in it is? That is where our freedom lies, when we release ourselves from our own prisons of the mind and shift into a consciousness that has been waiting for us to see and internalize what’s possible.

What are the bridges that only you can construct for yourself? And how can you support others, once you get grounded in what’s possible for you and your community?