Our outer world and daily lives are now subject to erratic ups-and-downs, as part of the reconfiguration of society for a more loving world. Change is messy and we need lots of it to create a world that works for everyone while sustaining our planet. Mega change was well underway before 2020, and the pandemic escalated the pace by leaps and bounds. There is a massive spiritual awakening occurring, though you might not notice it if you watch the news. In this article I outline key themes and things to pay close attention to. Facts and truth matter, including higher truths about what’s unfolding. Continue reading to better understand our dilemma of making sense of the nonsense.


The level of crazy we’re now seeing portrayed on the world stage is unprecedented. The source of it is misuse of power, including via purposeful stirring of chaos and unrest through disinformation campaigns. This isn’t anything new – history is filled with examples of this clever tactic. Dictators and autocrats used it in past centuries to gain and hold power.

How does it work and why is it so effective? Misleading and false information along with photo-shopped images are presented as fact. The basic purpose: sway public opinion, stir discontent, divide groups of people, and create confusion. Sub-purposes: sow so much distrust that people become alienated and disconnected; incite fear and violence so citizens welcome continuation of the present leadership or even martial law, influence elections by either changing how people vote or causing them to be so disillusioned that they don’t bother voting.

Making Sense of the Nonsense

The higher reality of what’s unfolding in our world is nothing short of a revolutionary upending of outdated archaic systems that haven’t served us for centuries. It’s like humanity’s shadow has surfaced – without filters – for us to witness and begin addressing.

That shadow is not going back beneath the surface either. Why? First, the masses are witnessing it together in current time – technology now connecting us like never before. Once the collective of humanity has seen something on this scale, it remains visible. Second, as I write about in my book “Predictions 2020” this year we have rare planetary alignments we haven’t had for hundreds of years. When we had these types of alignments before, there were revolutions, the fall of empires and epic events. Third, America has its Pluto return in 2020, signaling a turning point with global ripples. With the Pluto return, America’s shadow is being unveiled amidst ongoing turbulence.

What We Can Do

I suggest staying as present as you can, residing in your heart and doing your best to anchor love wherever you go. Turbulence need not be a deterrent to using your light and being the best version of yourself. This indeed is the time to step forward and your energy to spread positivity and goodness.

Stay informed. Expand your sources of information, using your discernment to separate fact from fiction. Avoid being on the sidelines. If your country has an election vote.

Factor in Human Conditioning

It’s helpful to factor in human conditioning and how it impacts us. We all have it. For most of you reading this, being on the path of awakening has opened your awareness and you are developing self-empowerment along with discernment skills as you strive to self-evolve. These are developing skills, of course, and you will face doubts and obstacles along the path. That’s natural.

The average person, however, often lacks the level of self-empowerment needed to skillfully navigate our current turmoil. They may have little grasp or practical application of their own power to create, to think, to choose, to discern information they take in, and to productively cooperate with other beings. This makes them vulnerable to disinformation and fear-based dynamics playing out in social media and elections.

Experiential & Awareness Divide

I mention this “experiential and awareness divide” here to give context for the level of compassion we are being called to bring into the world. For us – knowing that we indeed are not powerless – it’s difficult to fully grasp what it’s like for people not yet having our larger view. Therefore, we must hold space for them and do our best to be supportive. We’re all in this together, after all.

All of us are impacted, directly or indirectly, as we witness centuries-old themes of justice, inequality, and discrimination coming to light in a new and magnified way. The big picture: this reflects an acceleration of awakening and a clarion call for healing of old wounds that prevent a loving world.

In Predictions 2020, I wrote:

“Don’t give your power away by allowing your frustration or anger about events to color your view and prevent you from taking constructive action. Own and process your anger. Don’t let fear close your eyes and ears to life. As a divine changemaker – alive now to be at the forefront of changes for a better world – your energy and participation matters. Aim for a balanced response to what you witness. Stay present. Question. Avoid making assumptions. Find strength inside yourself to make a difference each and every day.”

I look forward to your feedback on these themes and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2020. Feel free to contact me at my website.