I absolutely love the autumn and even the dark, cold winter months, I think it’s really important to acknowledge that we’re all going to be different .
And at the moment we’re juggling loads of other life stuff aren’t we? There’s loads going on in the world, lots that’s uncertain.

If you’re feeling a little bit wobbly about the dark evenings, the colder weather or you’re finding life a bit more challenging seasonally, let alone the other worldly ups and downs, then mindset can play big part in helping you.
I’m not saying that all you need to do is think happy thoughts and life will start sprinkling rainbows and magic dust all over you – that would be utterly irresponsible of me to promise.  It’s about getting into the right space for you, to be able to live the best life you can, at the moment.  

Feel the Feelings

It’s ok to be feeling great, it’s ok to be experiencing confusion, it’s ok for you to be having a bit of a down or quiet day, and you absolutely don’t need to be comparing yourself to others for better or worse – I hope you hear that loud and clear.
If you are feeling those things, then I want you to think about what could be better.  What could be one step away from where you are now, that is towards something better?  What could be one step towards something that lifts your spirits? 

Find joy in everyday life

Even when you’re feeling sad, or having a crap day, it’s ok to laugh or smile.  In fact, forcing yourself to smile actually does good things for our internal chemistry too. Make a cuppa in your favourite mug, grab your cosy socks, enjoy a bit of weeding in the fresh air, spend 5 minutes cloud spotting or day-dreaming

Ask for help

Sometimes you’ll set off down a path and reach a point where you would benefit from some help – some tools, skills or knowledge that you don’t yet have. It’s ok to ask for help – I talked about this a little in the video below.

Some of you may well be flourishing right now and steaming forward in all aspects of your life, I know that many of you are feeling like life is hard, and things are tough, it can be hard to think about what’s positive in life and moving forward. Trust me, allow yourself to go there – it’s essential to your wellbeing.
Do the things that help you feel good and fight the urge to hide – and read on for something that might help.

One conversation could be all it takes

When you’re feeling stuck, lost in overthinking or just can’t make sense of what’s going on in life, it can feel impossible to come out of that to clarity, focus and action.  Conversation with friends, family or others in your networks might help, but often people will help through their own belief system, and perception of the world, meaning that the help you get is what THEY would do, not what YOU could do.

Give yourself permission to focus on you; open up to the process and be ready to take action.  Granted, this doesn’t happen every time. It works best when you’re supported in a neutral space. When you uncover what’s in the way, to hold space for yourself to come up with ideas, and take action in a way that means progress for you.  It’s not always about finding solutions, sometimes it’s speaking your thoughts out loud so that you can make sense of everything that’s going round and round in your head!