The quandaries of experiencing the void in this waking reality are many.

To be stripped back in life to the extent of not knowing anything anymore.


No certainty. No real direction. No tangible anchor points.

With an inner-knowing of being able to assist in the great change, but with no obvious avenue to direct this energy…

Frustration sets in.

Lack of patience for being able to wait for fresh, fertile direction to expand into…
Fearing that none will ever come again.

Doubt descends…

What if I’ve got it all wrong?
What if I’m not navigating this experience correctly?
What if I have to go back to the old days / old work / old relationships?
At least there, there was some element of safety.

Watching the mind as it tries helplessly to ‘figure it all out’ when in essence, there’s no thing TO figure out, and it won’t come from the mind anyway.

Comparison kicks in…

Seeing many who appear to be ‘living their purpose’ and thriving in this ever quickening reality. Even if it is only on social media platforms where the lines between what’s presented and what’s actually happening can often times be skewed, yet the comparison game remains inevitable.

Goals drop away…

No-thing can fill this gaping, indescribable space.

Interactions become tricky…

What to say from this space of not knowing?


No filling the space with sterile, meaningless words.

Come what may.

Come the unavoidable feeling of confusion in our exchanges.
The uncomfortable conversations where there’s nothing to add, describe or validate for the other.

Enter lost-ness.

Old anchor points disintegrated.

No safety.

Nothing to cling to. Even for a false sense of security and relief for the inherent unease that only increases the deeper one surrenders.

So what to do?

We wait.

We trust.

We breathe.

We drop further into this living abyss, where everything false is being dissolved.

Where we can FEEL like we’ve completely lost touch with the magic, but we are in actual fact, deeply IN the magic.

Where the deepest recalibrations are taking place in the unknowable depths of our souls’ journey on this plane.

To be stripped of our self obsessed goals in order to step into our true service, which is in service of the whole. To give it all back, in whichever way existence dictates it to unravel.

Everything disappears and originates from this profound, empty space if we’re courageous enough to leave behind everything we thought we ever were.

We simply surrender fully into this moment, into this mysterious life experience which will ultimately allow us to be forged into the role models for this new humanity. This new way of BE-ing that awaits us in the not too distant future.

InJoy the inner withdrawal of the void space when & while it lasts, as it gets more active than ever on the consequent expansion ?


Dan Regan
Artwork – Unknown