A Review of Conscious Change for Leaders, Professionals, and Individuals Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

In today’s increasingly globalised and interconnected world, fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within organisations has become more critical than ever. Conscious Change, a compelling new book, delves deeply into the complexities of DEI, offering a nuanced and practical guide for leaders and organisations aspiring to create truly inclusive environments. It covers a wide range of topics, from understanding the importance of cultural competence to providing actionable strategies for building stronger relationships and fostering inclusive workplaces. Here’s a detailed exploration of its key insights and applications.

Most of us interact with people with disparate experiences, opinions, and knowledge daily—individuals with more diverse expectations of the people and world around us. How do we navigate these often stormy waters?

Conscious Change: How to Navigate Differences and Foster Inclusion in Everyday Relationships emerges as a timely manual for fostering inclusivity in both personal and professional spheres. It is authored by Jean Kantambu Latting and V. Jean Ramsey, two renowned experts in leadership and diversity. With their extensive experience and deep understanding of multicultural interactions, this seminal work is poised to guide readers through the complexities of today’s multicultural interactions.

Scheduled for publication on July 9, 2024, Conscious Change presents a detailed exploration of the principles and practices necessary for enhancing interpersonal dynamics in diverse environments. [JL2] As the publication date draws near, Conscious Change is available for pre-order, signalling a growing anticipation for its practical wisdom and transformative potential. This work is poised to become a cornerstone for those committed to fostering a more inclusive world. Through a compilation of helpful case studies, the book illustrates how applying Conscious Change tools can significantly bolster one’s leadership capabilities, enrich interpersonal relationships, and advance the cause of equity and inclusion in all life domains.

Brené Brown and Mrytle P Bell wrote the forward of this book.

“Prof. Jean Latting is one of my most essential mentors from graduate school! She taught me so much about organisations and leaders and about leaning into the hard stuff. Brené Brown PhD

“Conscious Change can help with learning to work with others, consciously aware that our and others’ identities influence interactions and, with that knowledge, to approach those interactions to foster inclusion instead of exclusion, rejection, and intolerance.” Myrtle P. Bell, PhD

One of Conscious Change’s standout features is its broad definition of diversity. The book extends beyond traditional notions of diversity to encompass cognitive, cultural, and experiential dimensions. This comprehensive perspective is crucial for leaders who build teams that look, think, and operate diversely. By appreciating this multifaceted approach, leaders can better understand the richness and complexity of true diversity.

Conscious Change excels at translating theory into practice. The book has actionable strategies for creating stronger relationships and fostering inclusive workplaces. Every change effort begins with a conversation, and Conscious Change guides you through engaging in discussions so you may influence others.

Leadership and Accountability

The book’s name signals a critical theme in Conscious Change. The authors demonstrate that leaders who hold themselves accountable and intentionally use themselves as instruments of change can increase their effectiveness. By doing so, they also set a powerful example for their organisations and drive meaningful change.

Importance of Cultural Competence

Another crucial insight is the importance of cultural competence. The book encourages leaders to question their assumptions and consider multiple perspectives continuously. Developing empathy and understanding is vital to fostering an inclusive workplace.

Real-World Examples and Case Studies

Conscious Change is rich with case studies and real-world examples illustrating the skills needed by today’s leaders in multicultural organisations and settings and the successes and challenges of dealing with issues of diversity, inclusion, and fairness to all.   

Applications in Organisational Consulting and Leadership Advisory

For organisational consultants and leadership advisors, Conscious Change offers a wealth of resources:

  • Framework for DEI Consulting: The book provides a robust framework for understanding change processes at multiple levels: thoughts and feelings, interpersonal relationships, power differentials, and systemic.
  • Training and Development: The practical strategies and real-world examples can be integrated into training programs for all levels of management, from C-level executives and senior leaders to front-line employees, enhancing their ability to meet diversity and inclusion challenges head-on.
  • Policy Development: The book’s insights will help create an environment for developing inclusive policies and practices within client organisations, ensuring DEI becomes embedded in core operations.
  • Change Management: The book’s focus on leadership and accountability is particularly relevant for managing organisational change. It provides tools for leaders to champion DEI initiatives and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Conscious Change is essential for leaders and consultants to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. Its comprehensive approach, practical strategies, and insightful case studies make it a powerful tool for driving meaningful change in organisations. As we continue navigating DEI’s complexities, the book offers invaluable guidance and inspiration for creating more inclusive and equitable workplaces.

By embracing the principles and practices outlined in this book, leaders can make significant strides toward fostering environments where diversity thrives, inclusion is the norm, and everyone can bring their whole, authentic selves to the workplace.

Conscious Change is a testament to the author’s profound insights into the dynamics of change within diverse contexts. It serves as a beacon for individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of modern interpersonal relationships. Its practical case studies and actionable principles promise to equip readers with the necessary tools for initiating positive change, making it an invaluable resource for leaders, professionals, and anyone committed to the cause of diversity and inclusion.

Here’s to starting your journey for Conscious Change for a better you, me, and ultimately, us!

Meet the Authors

Jean Kantambu Latting, DrPH, LMSW-IPR, is President of Leading Consciously and Professor Emerita at the University of Houston. As a consultant, researcher, and educator, Jean focuses on leadership in multicultural organisations. She co-authored Reframing Change: How to Deal with Workplace Dynamics, Influence Others, and Bring People Together to Initiate Positive Change.

V. Jean Ramsey, PhD was a Professor of Management at Texas Southern University, a historically Black university, for nineteen years, retiring in 2009. She has published three previous books: Reframing Change(Praeger), Teaching Diversity (Jossey Bass), and Preparing Professional Women for the Future (Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Michigan).

To pre-order your copy and start your journey for conscious change, please visit the book’s listing on publishers’ or booksellers’ websites. You can also explore the authors’ other works, which are equally insightful and valuable for those committed to the cause of diversity and inclusion.


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