Curveballs and blindspots, they seem all too frequent in the current environment we live in. While uncertainty creates anxiety and stress, knowing that these are certain should be the first step to help you find your balance and get started with a cautious planning approach. As business and geo-political risk becomes more complex, you need to prioritize and devote time to challenges that show up in the face of how you conduct your life. While the near-term may demand your immediate attention and can threaten pulling you in, its imperative to know that there is a long term strategy that needs to be laid out, refined, and executed as well.

A prudent and actionable strategy is what will allow you to execute on your “now” and move forward with certainty. The past, after all informs the present and from time immemorial, we have conducted ourselves accordingly. Prioritization, reprioritization and focus on what matters most is the key to ensuring we come out successful in the short term and make improvements for the long term. Survival may seem the focus, but its prudent to note that although it may seem counter-intuitive, a focus on long term growth and benefits should be at the center of an apt strategy.

Socio-political shifts tend to have disproportionate impact on different groups and in many cases, amplify patterns. This leads to complexity of interactions and perception; the result, rise in mutual mistrust. It’s in everyone’s best interest to consider the common enemy, the common challenges we face together, irrespective of the impact and influence on various groups. This allows for everyone to come together in view of the common reason for uncertainty and for the moment, put mutual issues on the back burner.

We, humans are programmed to a fight or flight response to any threats. In the case of uncertainty in the current environment, both of these have detrimental effects to self and others. It will be a conscious effort to overcome our reflexes and focus on self awareness, unity and how to come together to tackle the challenges we are in the midst of. Being inclusive helps gain and keep that trust and together, we can be a formidable force, and though individual reactions triggered by our reptilian brain, curiosity, courage and connection can be instilled when we try to help each other than fight each other in the midst of uncertainty.

Action and rapid response take precedence in such times. In the face of impending danger, there is very little time to consider alternatives and make a decision. Yet, communicating with each other, transparency of action plans and also, sharing of achieved results allows for keeping everyone on the same page so far as clarity and skin in the game is concerned. Clear rationale and socializing these decisions before actions are initiated help. Seeking ideas from all and being open to listen takes this further.

It’s important to note that we drive blind in the lack of information. Yet, decisions need to be taken to move forward. Being open to challenge old ways of doing things and adopting new ones to gain different results should be welcome. With uncertainty comes a new normal and we need to be open to allow for that. We need to be open to share experiences, reactions and keep aside biases to reflect and act together. Right off the gate, it helps to acknowledge our differences so we can take it out of the way before we start working together.

Meaningful connections in the midst of uncertainty help bring us together that is further fostered by continuous communication and exchange of ideas, plans, actions and results. It helps normalize difficult emotions and fosters genuine connections. When value from different perspectives is demonstrated, it helps further with building resilience and connections, developing empathy and cohesion which is so very much needed to tackle challenges of uncertainty.

As we discussed earlier on, uncertainty is more common place in current times and we all need to learn to live with it. Unfortunately, we do not know what’s around the corner until we get there. No point fearing it or wanting to know everything about it when it does hit. Be curious, cautious and more importantly, develop resilience to react and act on it. Manage your emotions that are associated with a high level of uncertainty. Instead of letting anxiety take hold, it’s sensible to ensure common sense reins when we make decisions to tackle challenges. Ensure that you remain positive and feed it continuously as that can mean the difference between action vs. reaction. Seek out the negatives whether its habits or people and keep away from them. Practice empathy, mindfulness and camaraderie to help each other. Be open to others, to helping and receiving help.

Together, everyone achieves so much more!

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