Corporator Vikas Santosh Patil became a Helping Hand for the Patil family at Anjanvihire.

In today’s advanced age, social media is being widely used through mobile. The news of Delhi reaches the streets and the news of the streets reaches Delhi in a few moments. It brings a lot of bad experiences, but a family from Pachora taluka got a total of Rs 15,000 through social media during the crisis.

Shashikant Patil, the Sarpanch of Anjanvihire village in Pachora taluka, was afflicted with mucusmicrosis. Despite this, Shashikant Patil’s daughter Gayatri narrated the true situation through social media and called for help for treatment. The message of help on social media was read by Vikas Santosh Patil, an NCP corporator from Pachora and known as a health envoy and angel in Pachora. He immediately called his friends for help.

Hon’ble Shabbir Sheikh Saheb, a native of Anturli in Pachora taluka and now the owner of Raj Bucket in Mumbai, sent Rs.Vikas Patil Sir thanked all those who helped in this way through Google Pay, Phone Pay and others and also visited Shashikant Patil’s house in Anturli and gave the collected amount as help.

Mr. Rahul Borse, Chairman of Pachora Shivneri Patsanstha, Prof. Pradeep Wagh, Sudarshan Sonwane, President of Pachora City Youth Nationalist Party, Prof. Nitin Patil, Prashant Borse, Mayur Patil, Gaurav Patil, Umesh Erande, Sachin Shinde Were present.

“There are still good people in this world. That is why this world is moving. Shashikant Patil thanked all of you for your help and called on my daughter for help on social media, even though I don’t know anyone well”. Said the sarpanch, Patil.