We all deal with stressors in our personal and professional lives and it can seem that recently, there have been more than ever. It is imperative that you take the time to step away from your work and ensure that you have the time to recharge and improve your well-being. Usually, taking a nice long vacation to a different place is the best way to really disconnect from your daily life. Now, you’ll probably have to plan a staycation to “get-away,” but there are still ways to be transported away from your normal life. 

Nothing transports you quite as far from home as astronomy can, especially since you never have to leave your property if you don’t want to! Even an inexpensive telescope has the power to take you one step closer to space. You’ll get to see planets, moons, galaxies, nebulas, and more light-years closer than we could ever dream of reaching ourselves. The suggestions below will help you make staying at home with your telescope an exciting event and something to look forward to. 

Make It a Game

Whether you’re at home by yourself or with family, you can turn your stargazing into a fun game for everyone involved. Who can find 5 constellations in the shortest amount of time? How many planets can you spot in one night? Searching the night sky should be fun. Approach your time outside as an escape from boredom and challenge yourself to find and explore something new each time you use your telescope. 

Astronomy for Relaxation

Think warm blankets, a cup of hot chocolate, your favorite snacks, and a telescope for looking at the great beyond. Set up a cozy area so you’ll be comfortable and can access a great view of the night sky. Simply enjoy your time scanning the universe and allow yourself to forget about the stress of the pandemic, work, and any other anxiety-causing aspects of your daily life. 

Thrill of Discovery

Learning is a great way to escape reality and since there’s so much just waiting to be discovered in space, you can disconnect and travel throughout our galaxy from the comfort of your own home. Most commercial telescopes won’t allow you to reach deep into the universe and discover something new, but you can explore parts of space that are new to you and that’s always just as exciting. 

Share a Connection

Is there a better feeling than sharing your knowledge and passion with someone you care about? The pandemic may be keeping us apart physically but that doesn’t mean you can’t stargaze together. Whether you gather up your family to all share an evening under the stars or video chat with a friend who also owns a telescope, you can still enjoy a shared connection through your mutual love of space exploration.