There is an urgent need for coherence in world consciousness so that national leaders can govern the trends of time in a positive, life-supporting way, We are witnessing the harsh realities which result when national interests collide with perilous international crises. The leaders of every nation must be cognizant of the far-reaching consequences of their actions.

A true leader extends help to nations in need and seeks to strengthen the ties of brotherhood in the global community. The sighs of distress anywhere in the world create ripples in the fabric of the entire globe. They cannot be ignored without jeopardizing the health and well-being of the whole world. Wars result from the negative effects of collective violations of natural law. These violations mount up and reach a breaking point which leads to collective calamities.

In the words of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:

” A high degree of concentration of negative forces without positive forces to balance them, ends in suffering and destruction of life.”

When people are living in harmony with natural law, they do not create problems for themselves or the society. The only solution lays in bringing in the light of knowledge to dispel the darkness of ignorance. Wars result from ignorance – lack of awareness of the full potential of the human mind. In the darkness, mistakes, errors and confusion lead to undesirable consequences. When the mind is fully developed, one finds solutions to every problem.

“We don’t go by what the world has been, we go for what the world should be.”

There is a formula to create peace before a war breaks out. The formula is to create large groups of individuals practicing meditation together. This alleviates the huge build-up of collective stress and tension in the environment. The collective tension must be neutralized in order to stop wars from erupting. When large groups meditate together, coherence is created in national consciousness. When the consciousness of a nation functions with a deeper level of coherence, more nourishing decisions which promote harmony, integration and peace automatically emerge. The leader of every nation is a mirror of the collective consciousness of the nation. The more coherent the nation is, the more nourishing the decisions of its leader will be.

It sounds so simple as to be unbelievable, but scientific research has documented that this method of creating peace in the war-torn areas of the world actually works! The group practice of meditation amplifies the effect of individuals meditating alone. The influence of a group experiencing pure consciousness together grows proportionately to the square root of the number of people practicing. Pure consciousness is a state of perfect balance, infinite silence, bliss and perfect orderliness. It is the coherence of the interior of a nation that produces stability in its functioning. The ability of a nation to resist disorder is based on a coherent collective consciousness. The internal harmony and inner stability of a nation makes a nation capable of protecting itself from negative influences. This methodology of creating large coherence-creating groups can be used to prevent conflicts before they arise and also to neutralize the damaging effects of conflicts which have already arisen.