Digital content marketing has taken center stage in the past few years. With the rise of digital platforms, more and more businesses have benefited from using social media, online channels, and virtual strategies to grow their businesses.

And while some people are creating significant splashes through the new marketing discipline, some are rocking tidal waves of success in their respective industries. One such professional is Neel Dhingra, who is crushing the real estate investment industry through some of the most polished executions of marketing strategies around. 

The real estate industry remains one of the most “salesy” and old-school in terms of marketing and sales executions. Most real estate companies deploy traditional marketing strategies such as cold-calling and hard selling to hit targets. Most people in the field wonder whether more contemporary strategies might work given that most major players are still very brick and mortar in their approach. But Neel has been showing that it is possible. More than that, a modern approach to real estate marketing pays big dollars!

Neel has deployed marketing strategies to grow his real estate business. He has proven that new wave approaches such as video marketing, content marketing, and social media advertising also convert. Over time, Neel has made a name for himself on virtual platforms by creating channels that teach people how to invest in real estate and grow their wealth. His new approach caused his income and business to explode big time. His approach fills a massive void in the market as Neel has been getting requests from other organizations he works with and also people in the real estate field to build their online brand and presence. 

Neel later started to utilize his marketing prowess to create his brand as an online marketing coach for real estate professionals. Through video and podcast content, he teaches professionals how to create unique value and a better experience to consumers and business partners, how to be of service to as many people as possible, and how to scale marketing strategies on multiple online platforms. And over time, his social media channels exploded as he kept helping other individuals learn how to market themselves better. 

Today, Neel uses his platform to teach real estate agents, mortgage professionals, realtors, and loan officers to duplicate his success. While most people might keep their ideas a secret in fear that the competition might steal them, Neel openly shares all his insights and knowledge to people who want to make it big in the real estate industry as he has.

Neel created The NeelHome Podcast, a YouTube channel and podcast that teaches real estate professionals how to build an online presence. The show has had guests like social media giant Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Do, Clayton Collins, Tom Ferry, and other business and marketing experts to share their insights on how to win in real estate sales.

In 2019, Neel received recognition as the top video influencer for sales education by Bombbomb and Tom Ferry. Neel hopes that he can empower more real estate professionals to create more income and stability for themselves through his platforms and content. 

To check out Neel Dhingra visit his website, Youtube channel, or Instagram.