The pursuit of a deeper understanding of the ‘laws of attraction’ and alignment has taught me to be aware of my thoughts.  To turn negative words into powerful positive words.

‘A belief is only a thought I keep thinking’ – Abraham Hicks

The way I would do this is to imagine that my brain has a record button. I would hit record during social situations.  Later replaying conversations. Really studying the moment I would use negative speech. Revelation came swift. Self-degradation wrapped up in a joke.     

Daily diligence helped me curve it. Solution. I felt myself shifting. 

Time goes by.  Confidence increasing. Yet, while meditating, a knot in the stomach, baffling.  Could it be a form of resistance or did I pull a muscle?

A quest for deciphering the knot was born.

Exploring paired me with Bob Proctor.    A Bob Proctor abundance meditation from Mind Valley to be exact.

Bob Proctor was familiar to me because he was in the book ‘The Secret’. Curiosity took over.  After a couple of days of listening to this mediation, knot in stomach feels lighter.  Not gone. Smaller.

Days go by.  After a particularly refreshing mediation I did some free writing.


“Have you checked your chakra?”

I googled the location of the knot and chakra.  The Solar Plexus was the answer.    


 It was a sign!

My physical body had been telling me that my solar plexus is off. The excitement was real folks!  Happy dance!


The very next day. Guided and tone meditations to heal my solar plexus chakra became paramount. I am happy to report knot, no more.

There was some lingering self-doubt there

I am grateful for that knot.

Grateful to feel yellow light glow.  I am lighter now.

Stay tuned…