Do you realise how powerful your thoughts are? 

What you are living today is a result of what you thought yesterday, last week, last month and even last year. Your thoughts are creating your life! 

You create what you think. When you think, feeling over and over WOW – this is the powerful stuff that can change your life, you can change your health and wellbeing, your body and even your own DNA! Am I serious? Yes I am, this has been written about and researched by Bruce Lipton in his works on ‘The Biology of Belief’.

We have 60,000-80,000 thoughts every single day for many people these thoughts are not supportive, uplifting and kind, they are the opposite. They can be judgemental, harsh, unkind and even down right nasty. I mean, have you ever heard your inner-voice saying things like ‘you can’t do that, you aren’t good enough, you’re not worthy, you will probably make a mess of this too, who do you think you are?’  Or something similar?

Can you relate here?

I know that I spent a long time telling myself that I was not intelligent enough to succeed, I was thick and stupid and I would never amount to anything. Now can you imagine how that had me feeling about myself? Do you think I felt powerful? Do you think I felt unstoppable and calm or do you think I was in conflict? Exhausted? Sad?

Honestly, negative thoughts can have you going from feeling OK one minute to feeling totally hopeless the next minute. Within a second your unchecked negative thoughts can have you feeling utter despair. The thing is with these unhelpful thought patterns is that they don’t just come in ones they come in tens or even hundreds, one thought leads to another then another and before you know it you’ve gone down the rabbit hole, like Alice to a place that does not resemble any type of wonderland at all.

I often say you cant change anything without awareness and awareness really is key to stopping those pesky negative thoughts from overtaking your day and your life. The best way of knowing what your thoughts are doing is checking in with how you feel. Your feelings are a direct guidance system to how you are thinking. If you are feeling good then you’re having good thoughts and if you’re feeling crappy then that’s what kind of thoughts you are having.

The more aware of how you feel, the more power you have to jump in and arrange your thoughts according to how you want to feel. 

If you want to generate more positive thoughts then there are many things that you can do;

·      Write a gratitude list – This will immediately change your thoughts and when done regularly has been proven to rewire your brain.

·      Create powerful affirmations – Write down and repeat present tense, positive, punchy statements.

·      Put some music on and dance it out – This changes your state and changes your thoughts.

·      Write a list of positives about yourself and your life – You can start small, being kinder to yourself will literally change the game!

·      Practise meditation – This will help you to slow the thoughts down over time and you will have more ability to control which rabbit hole you go down.

We may not have direct control of each and every thought that jumps into our mind, however the more you practice the more control you’ll have over which thoughts to follow and which ones to let go of.

You have the power to tame those negative thoughts and change them into more positive resourceful ones which over time will have a direct impact on how you’re living your life.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

Stay positive!

Love & light,