Multi-talented musician Nessa Dove alludes to the old adage “Be the change you want to see in the world” when she discusses her art. She is crystal clear in her views of the purpose of her music: to uplift people and lead those who want to be part of something positive.

Take, for example, her response to the current global health crisis. As millions became infected by the novel coronavirus and millions more are affected by the economic impact of the pandemic, Dove created a song to uplift a world in dire need of inspiration. Unsurprisingly, the song developed into a movement: the Stay Strong Movement. “Stay Strong” evolved very organically from an inspirational song amid the coronavirus pandemic to an anthem of support and solidarity in prevailing over social injustices. 

Who is Nessa Dove? Nessa Dove is a passionate musician with a diverse East African heritage. She moved to New York city some time ago to pursue her dreams. On this journey, she encountered many struggles while trying to make it as an artist. The challenges would turn out to be what shaped her into the artist and human being she has become.  In New York City, she learned the reality of life from many “forgotten people” whom she connected with while busking in the New York subways. Among her best teachers were the homeless, physically disabled, and mentally ill. Instead of avoiding them and looking away, she chose to connect with this faceless society through her music. They became her audience, among others.

One night while busking, a homeless man forever changed Nessa’s life. A seemingly erratic homeless man, who first seemed like a threat, changed his entire demeanor as Nessa performed her music. As the night progressed, his erratic behavior, and shifty eye movement, became steady as he held his gaze and connected with everyone around him while offering profound life advice from his years of wisdom. He radiated warmth and sincerity as he connected, something he longed for all along. He told Nessa specifically to “fly” and be “free” and to “move how the music moves you.”  She learned that the lines that divide and separate us can be shattered in an instant. She experienced the true power of music. She played “Come Together” by the Beatles, and in that moment, they truly did. She truly felt it.

Nessa continues to write, perform, and create music often with her favorite guitar in hand. Her songs touch on a range of topics including love, happiness, heartbreak and “Staying Strong.” She has performed at legendary venues along the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, in New York, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. As an additional testament to her skill and artistry, she has also been a finalist in notable competitions in songwriting. Her singles “Light It Up,” “Sugar Sugar,” and “Stay Strong” have received critical acclaim.

She breaks through the music industry with a characteristic sweet, raw, and unconventional sound in the pop/soul genre. She writes, arranges, and co-produces most of her music. Add to this list her amazing skill with the guitar. Her songs masterfully showcase virtuosic guitar riffs, licks, and solos. The sweet melody is punctuated with catchy hooks that draw from a diverse creative pallet. Dove hopes to break through even more boundaries by creating songs that will help listeners overcome the fears and stigmas that divide and separate communities, while helping to heal and uplift people when they need it most.

“Stay Strong Movement” is a movement of hope and solidarity. Dove is encouraging people, during these trying times, to take back their power and to lean on one another by sharing their stories.  For people to decide they can be part of change, own their pain, to fight to survive, and to come out stronger than whatever challenges they’re facing.

By wearing one of her “Stay Strong” T-shirts or hoodies, people will be taking a stand to Stay Strong regardless of what challenges come at them. A portion of proceeds are donated to support worthy causes and charities.

Join this movement now and show your support by buying a T-shirt available at this website. Nessa can also be found on Instagram.