Now more than ever, people everywhere are seeking to start a new path. After a year of lockdown, many are using this opportunity to reset and build the life they’ve always wanted. Queens, New York native Nestor Castro, already has years of experience in helping people do just that. Both of his business, Grittiness LLC and Dropship Tribe LLC, equip clients with the mindset and tools necessary for success. Just like the best experts in their fields, Nestor’s wisdom comes from experience. “I have developed a mental fortitude to overcome any and all obstacles by developing the right tools to callous the mind,” he says.


After serving his country for nearly a decade in the US Army and his community in the local police force, Nestor set out to be his own boss and build the future he envisioned for himself and his family. “I am my own motivation,” he begins when asked what prompted his decision to become an entrepreneur. “I am insatiable and give every day 100%, but I’m also doing this for future generations. My why is my kids.” A proponent of epigenetics, the belief that lifestyle patterns can play a role in altering the way cells read our DNA, Nestor wanted to do all he could to improve his family for generations to come.

Building Habits

To become an advisor to others, Nestor first has to ensure his own habits are promoting growth. “The most important thing is to have optimum energy,” he explains. “I believe in the quote that says ‘if you have health, you have hope; if you have hope, you have everything’.” To best utilize that energy and hope, Nestor believes that good planning is essential. “Plan tomorrow the day before,” he adds. 

His Advice

Nestor makes no promises of an easy path. He admits that any pursuit will face adversity, and offers his wisdom about how to best navigate those challenges. When dealing with distress, he says that the Callahan Technique (a method of Thought Field Therapy where breathing and tapping can be used to relieve negative energy) and simply taking a cold shower are among his most effective solutions. To avoid burnout, Nestor says it is crucial to get enough exercise and exposure to sunlight, but also to disconnect from technology. Perhaps the most important tip of all, however, is to find a mentor. “Find somebody of the lifestyle, finances and where you want to be in the future,” Nestor explains. “Follow their steps, not where they are currently but where they were when they started.” 


  • Johnny Medina

    Branding Expert-Business Consultant

    Johnny Medina is a young Entrepreneur who interviews successful Entrepreneurs/Business Owners who are willing to share their success tips & have overcome some challenging obstacles.