Honey, it’s called Godfidence”- Chris Sapphire, The Circle Season 1.

One of my favorite shows on Netflix recently, was “The Circle.” The show follows 8 contestants who live in isolated single apartments in what appears to be the same building, but are forbidden from physical contact with each other. Instead contestants are communicating exclusively through a “voice-activated” social media platform called “The Circle.” Never in a million years would I think that this would be my real reality, but due to the developments of the coronavirus pandemic media outlets are reporting that we could be cast members of our very own “The Circle” for up to 18 months.

While the document doesn’t report that the Trump administration doesn’t say that the pandemic will last that long, it indicates officials must assume a longer timeline to ensure preparedness. From having a close friend as a doctor and hearing about the risks of this virus since the beginning it has assisted me in staying calm.

Many things that he has shared with me months ago I am seeing come into fruition through various reports on CNN. What does the future hold? What are your plans in July when the virus is less contagious and your self- isolation is revoked? What are you doing now to distract your idle mind? Now is the time to plant seeds and look toward the next season. Here are 7 things you can do to maintain sanity during your quarantine and prepare for life post The Circle- Corona Edition.

1. Reverse Engineer Yourself. Reverse engineering typically refers to looking at the solution to figure out how it works. Basically, you you’re your business analysis backward from the solution to understand the data, processes, and business rules. What does this mean? So, let’s say your goal is to get that summer body? What can you do during self-isolation to make it a reality? Perhaps sitting on the couch eating all your quarantine snacks won’t do the trick? But you can eat healthy and create a daily routine from home to make that goal a reality. Following influencers on social media that might share daily healthy eating recipes can also assist in your at home fitness journey or completing the #100pushupchallenge and remotely challenging a friend to assist with both of your fitness journeys.

2. Plant Seeds. Now is the time to start that long overdue project. Many employers are having you work from home. Knock out your daily projects from your 9-5 and utilize your additional time to start that podcast you always wanted to jumpstart. Anchor is one of many free tools that can assist you in making this a reality from your home office or kitchen counter. Start that novel that you kept promising yourself that you would start. Use that additional commute time in the mornings and evenings to plant the seeds for your personal aspirations.

3. Spend Time with Loved Ones. What better time to reconnect with your close friends and family? Order arts and crafts and use this time to make fun creations with the kids or your partner. My family is far away, however the hustle and bustle of New York City typically keeps me too occupied to even call my parents. Since self-isolation I have even gotten my mom to facetime me on Facebook Messenger. There are no excuses for me to use as to why I am not available. I have missed my family so much and now I can use this time to catch up with them.

4. Get some Sleep. The reality of it is most of us never make time for ourselves or to rest. Sleep deprivation is as bad as smoking 50 years ago. What better time to get a full 8 hours of sleep than when you are forced into social distance? As an adult, I consistently joke that I wished I took full advantage of my naps when I was in preschool. If I were able to put the ones that I didn’t want to take in a savings account to use now, I would a much happier and restful adult. Take those naps now. Try meditating and getting some R&R. You totally deserve it.

5. Spring Clean. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Being new to the world of podcasts I have been able to turn on various podcasts, zone out, and deep clean my home. Finally getting chores done around the house. Cleaning is not my favorite thing to do in the world, however when you find a great podcast it really does take the edge off. There are also podcasts out there that clean the house with you. One of my newly favorites cleans with you and shares tips along the way. “The Slob Comes Clean” makes it fun and clean at the same time.

6. Support Indie Artists. So, you have binged watched your favorite housewives franchise? You watched all of The Circle on Netflix? You cannot bare to listen to or watch Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. Well, now is the time to support indie artists. There are a ton of indie scripted and non-scripted programing on YouTube and beyond. The Circle NYC on YouTube consists of a group of NYC socialites who are movers and shakers in the Big Apple. Brought together through music and art and filled with lots of drama, its like Housewives meet Love and Hip Hop. Many of the cast members are also independent musical artists who you most likely never heard of, and I am sure need your support.

7. Don’t Panic. The reality of it is, that we will get through this. One day you will flip on the news and learn that things are better. You will return to your normal life, go to your favorite bars, and go shopping at your favorite retailers again. Panicking will just stress you out and not help your overall health. Now is the time that we want to do things to boost our immune system and not add additional stress on our bodies. This too shall pass.

Plant positive seeds for our tomorrow, not stressful ones. Use this time wisely and live in the moment. Trouble won’t last always!

Netflix’s The Circle Season 1
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