A neurosurgeon is a doctor who specialises in the field of neurosurgery to become a neurosurgeon a person has to first complete the medical school along with internship.Then as a primary physician has togo for a studies specialising in neurosurgery and also do an internship in that field.In this field the medical sciences deal with the diagnosis, care, treatment and follow up plans related to the diseases which occur in the human nervous system which includes the central and peripheral nervous system.

There are many branches of neurosurgery like a traumatic injury during emergencies, functional neurosurgery, stereotactic neurosurgery which is related to neurosurgery skull base surgery spinal surgery peripheral nerve surgery paediatric neurosurgery and also the neurovascular surgery.It is a very competitive and risky field and the neurones are such cells which cannot be healed or created in our human body neurosurgery has been field of ancient medical science also neurosurgery is the field of medical science with consistently remains the top competitive field. This field mainly deals with the diseases of the spinal cord, neural tissues and the brain, that is the central and peripheral nervous system.

A neural trauma and such as internal cranial haemorrhage treatment unit is found most of the hospitals which has emergency services as the cases of road accidents commonly includes head injury. In the branch of neuropathology, there is a concoction of both fields of neurology and also pathology. Neuropathology is concerned about the ailmentssuch as Parkinson’s.In the stereotactic and functional surgery of the nervous system, the haemorrhages are removed by the doctors.Some diseases like the meningitis, which is related to the layers of skull is also treated by the neurosurgeons.

The first neurosurgeon who is known to the world is Sir VictorHorsley.Usually in the less complicated neurological disorders some preventive measures like physiotherapy lifestyle changes and neuro rehabilitation are suggested by the neurosurgeons which also require a physiotherapist or other doctors.Some neurological symptoms which are shown by a patient include poor coordination in the movements, loss of sensation in certain body parts, confusion, pain, and muscle weakness.There are thousands of other symptoms but the main ones are neurological conditions usually occur due to malnutrition of brain, increase in the pressure of brain vault and traumatic brain injury.Some diseases of the neurovascular systemthe diseases such as Huntington’s chorea and muscular dystrophy they are caused by defects in genetic composition of cells of a person’s body. There can be some diseases like the vascular malformations, which are related to the vascular system of the brain.

Check out any list of top 10 neurosurgeons in India and mark the ones who are having clinics or are appointed in hospitals close to the place of your residence, then get yourself an appointment. This is the way you will ensure a proper care, diagnosis and treatment of your neurological problems. Since nervous system is the most irreparable and sensitive part of the human body one should be aware of the quacks and under qualified doctors as the damage done can never be undone otherwise