We all have social media accounts where we share thought leadership and connect with a world wide audience.  

As we expand and grow our business we create a network of like-minded individuals who share our interests and contribute to the dialogue.

The most powerful networks are those that not only share information but connect us with other individuals when we present an “Ask.”

What is interesting to note, is which platform you find is most helpful with a response.  I have a colleague who relies on her network for not only business referrals but answers and recommendations for things like movies, books and social events.  

Her network is extensive with many individuals she has never met and yet she is very passionate about the connections and  posts in her newsfeed.

It creates a feel good experience!

We all have heard many negative comments about social media and the time and effort we spend on-line connecting with our communities. If we take a look at the macro level, we will see an opportunity to convey a positive message that resonates with our networks for the greater good.

I began to ask a number of my friends and colleagues how they expanded their global contacts to include so many individuals who share their common interests. 

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Rinse and Repeat – reach out to individuals where you share 25 or more common connections; ensure your bio is relevant and up-to-date. People will connect with you when they read your profile.
  2. Interests – ask to join groups where you share a passion.
  3. Content – everyone agrees that positive, uplifiting content will attract like-minded indivduals. What you post mst be authentic to you and your point of view. This will encourage other to reach out and begin a dialogue.

As an entrepreneur, I have a passion for helping others amplify their success.  As a coach, my business is to assist others by increasing their visibility, encourage meaningful partnerships and contribute to their communities. 

Expanding our networks is part of the formula for success and encouraging meaningful connections is part of that equation. 

There is no doubt that meeting people face-to-face is very powerful and I think we all agree that that is still the ultimate connection.  We would never miss the opportunity to sit with someone, share experiences and start a conversation.  

It is the ultimate feel good experience!

When we view our connections through a different lens we will receive and share valuable information. 

I do not believe there is any merit in pursuing a large network for numbers sake but rather build a tribe that will encourage and support you through the power of the posts.

The ask, presents another opportunity to engage followers so that we may get to know one another through the written word.  From time to time sharing a video is another powerful resource because it conveys a message through a different medium.  The people in our network have an opportunity to make a “human connection” through not only the visual but listening to our voice.  

It creates another feel good experience!

The words that we share and the videos that we post say a lot about who we are and building a following of like-minded individuals is a great way to receive referrals and recommendations.

Never doubt the power of your network…You may find that you area able to encourage meaningful connetions!

Trish Tonaj is a Master Coach Practitioner, conducting keynotes and workshops on how to amplify your business. She is the founder and host of shareyourstories.online …breaking barriers, starting meaningful conversations and creating a new definition for success.