So often we judge ourselves harshly for not succeeding in the way others expect us to. But in doing so, we stop ourselves from experiencing the beauty and significance of our own journey.

Some days are especially hard. I find myself questioning everything. These are the days that I want to say, enough, and simply give up because everything feels so hard. Have you experienced these type of days that make you wonder whether this world is ready for the crazy ones — those of us who see the possibility of living life in a less chaotic way, and deeply knowing we didn’t come to this planet to suffer?

And then I sit back and reflect on Bucky Fuller’s story, which I learned about when I weaved it into my first of three books, about how he felt defeated by the sheer weight of the world we humans constructed. His story of how he was ready to take his life so his wife and baby could survive from his life insurance touched me deeply. While standing on a cliff above Lake Michigan, ready to jump to his death, he had an epiphany that changed the course of his life and the lives of many others:

 “In committing suicide, I seemingly would never again have to feel the pain and mortification of my failures and errors, but the only-by-experience-winnable inventory of knowledge that I had accrued would also be forever lost — an inventory of information that, if I did not commit suicide, might prove to be of critical advantage to others, possibly to all others, possibly to the Universe.” 

And I am grateful he contributed so much to the formation of my own beliefs that there is another way. But, it sure isn’t an easy path to walk when you depend on others who don’t always walk their talk.

In a world in love with being right and winning at all costs, it’s not easy to walk away from what others deem success to be. But it is becoming a necessity for more and more people who are seeing the true insanity of this world we inherited and created. The “sharing economy,” for example, is falling apart right now because it was a superficial business model that was never truly about sharing. Ride sharing companies from the outset commoditized the worker and the sharing was not entirely real when it came to the bottom line as is the case with most of the decaying paradigms around us.  

Life will take us through many trials and tribulations until we become self-aware. Part of the journey is recognizing how fortunate we are that we get to fail over and over as sometimes our greatest failures open us up to what is truly in our heart. It allows us to get back to basics and build new foundations and structures that can fully support our unfoldment into our greatest potential.

When we get into our groove on our path and learn that we can give up on what and who is unhealthy for us, we can work with the universal law of flow. 

This may mean that we walk away from people and situations that have become our way of life and take a hard look at ourselves to determine what is healthy and in alignment with who we are at the core, and what is toxic and limiting our abilities. The key is not to give up on ourselves, our passions, or our capacity to play. 

When we’re able to flow with life, it becomes an incredible ability to become conscious of our lifestyle and embrace balance and wellness, also in regards to our work and practices.

Although this may not seem easy, easy and hard have been conditioned into our psyche and right now we have an opportunity to redefine what they mean to us and make them personal. What is easy for you? What seems difficult to you, and why?

The key is to begin as our wise elder Plato advised us so long ago. 

This is a fertile time to plant your seeds, nurture them and let them grow. Some will sprout and others will never see the light of day. It’s how universal laws work. But if you don’t plant, you’ll never know what you can grow. Without curiosity, imagination, vision and dreams, you will be stuck in the old world that expects you to show up every day and do your job, whatever that may be. 

The opportunity facing you is to get unstuck, even in in small areas, as it will improve your overall health and help you see what structures you need to support a healthy life. No has your answers because no one knows your questions. And there’s no time better than now to start questioning everything!

This is the time to release yourself from the programming and conditioning of the world. 

You can thank your ancestors for what they created and let go what no longer serves you or keeps you chained. What is holding you back? Is it time to apply the breaks and really see with healthy eyes what supports you and what is in front of you waiting for you to take the first step?

Despite the societal conditioning, pausing, taking a breath and reflecting are some of the most important skills you need. Imagine that you mastered your ability to give up on what’s toxic for your well being so you can take that energy and invest it in what lifts you up.

When you explore what’s truly is in your heart, you might never give up on yourself! 

It’s time to wake up to a healthy way of living for yourself, your community and this beautiful blue planet of ours. 

The old world is dying and sure, you can grieve. But you can also let go of limiting beliefs, conditioning and ways of life that no longer serve you. This is a huge time of transition and if you need evidence, you’re most likely still stuck in the old paradigm as this is a time to take the first step and trek into the unknown. Who knows what is possible? If 2020 has show us anything, it’s that no one knows much of anything. The key is to make sure you’re being true to yourself and are ready to join a pioneering movement that is creating the healthy foundation our world needs most. Many have given up on the toxic ways of living to usher in a world that supports the vast majority of humanity and our Earth. What part are you playing? 

Tap into your powers and dig deep into what your greatest opportunities are and what you need most. Truly observe your stressors or anxieties and ask them questions. When you live in possibilities, instead of problems, you can become aware of what you’re imagining and creating. Your power is inside of you regardless of the noise in the external world. Choose wisely! I am here cheering you on!!!

It takes a lot of letting go to be real with ourselves. You are right where you are supposed to be, whatever your situation. Now is the time to create like never before. What are you questioning in this moment?

Join me on a journey of a lifetime and simply say f*ck it—or whatever words you choose to use—when something in life no longer serves you. It’s our time to be bold and audacious and never give up on ourselves!