Feeling stuck can be paralyzing.

Caught in a thought cycle of “being stuck” , it’s nearly impossible to see your way out of it.

It’s hard to see the possibilities when a storm is swirling all about you.

Or if you’re in the doldrums, maybe a storm would at least shake things up?

Not knowing where the answers are, or what steps to take, you might find yourself spreading yourself too thin and trying everything, or pulling the blanket over your head and avoiding everything.

Either way, it can feel like progress is impossible.

We’re never really stuck because we can always change our thinking.

The belief that we’re stuck is a beguiling trap. It’s easy to get yourself caught in it. Then it becomes a label. An identity. Part of who you are.

None of those limiting beliefs are true. You’re not a stuck person. You’re a vibrant, smart, capable, and creative person.

Step one is to stop thinking and saying you’re stuck. If you catch yourself thinking or saying it, change that thought immediately.

Try this B.S. technique I recently wrote about:

Call B.S. on Your Limiting Beliefs and Create a New Amazing Life
Give Your Story a New Ending

Keep affirming that you’re open to possibilities. 

As you choose consistent positive thoughts, the negative ones fade away.

Like pouring clean water into a cup of dirty water, eventually the cup holds only clean water. 

It takes time, and some days you’ll slip up, but keep pouring in those new positive thoughts.

The negative thought of being stuck won’t instantly disappear, but little by little the thought will change, and at the same time, your circumstances will change.

Opportunities will seem to randomly appear, only it’s not by accident. It’s because you’ve changed your thinking.

My little pup happily avoiding what’s happening around her.

Enjoy your trip.

Maybe you’re not yet where you want to be, and maybe your progress feels slow or stalled, but take a deep breath and enjoy where you are right now.

Finding peace and joy now will accelerate your progress. The Universe gives you more when you’re grateful for what you have right now.

Life is happening now, and it’s the only life you have, so enjoy all its chapters. 

New chapters lay ahead, but happiness is in the here and now.

Whenever you’re feeling stuck in your life, remember there are over 1440 minutes in the day, which means you have 1440 chances to do something different to change your life.

Change is already underway.

Trust and know that change is already happening, even if you can’t see it with your human eyes.

Change always happens in the invisible realm first and then it’s manifested in your physical world.

Know that the changes you seek are already underway, and give thanks for them, even before you see them.

Make room for the changes in your world today, so you have room for the new in your life because it’s coming. Make the changes you’re visualizing feel welcome.

Feeling stuck is no fun. We’ve all been there. 

You might be enjoying great progress in one area but feel stuck in another. 

Maye you’ve felt stuck for years.

Relationships, finances, physical health, careers, goals….

Take an inventory of all the areas of your life where you feel stuck. Is there a common theme?

The answers are deep inside you already. Take some quiet time to let your inner wisdom reveal those limiting beliefs to you, so you can change them.

Now get ready to never feel stuck again.

“I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions.” — Stephen Covey

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