Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder how you are going to make it through the day? Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with sadness, depression, anxiety or loneliness that you sometimes ask, “What’s the use? Is this all there is to life?” Perhaps you even have thoughts of ending it all. I know I did. Seventeen years ago, that was my life, every day, and I was ready to quit. 

No one around me knew the turmoil I was in. From the outside, it looked like I was living the perfect life. Successful chiropractic business. Living in Santa Barbara. Engaged to someone everyone thought was perfect for me. You know, living the “dream” – or at least the dream others said was valuable – and I was miserable.

After months of being miserable, after trying modality after modality, I was done. I was going to take my life. I had a plan. I set the date and I said out loud, “I’m giving this 6 months. Either something changes or I am out of here.” And I meant it. 

It was at this time that I discovered the tools of Access Consciousness and something did change. Actually, everything changed and today I am alive and happier than I have ever been. Every day I wake up with gratitude for being alive. My life is a grand adventure and it just keeps on getting better. The best part? It’s possible for you too. No matter how far down you feel, you are not alone and the tools that changed my entire world can change yours too. Never give up. Never give in. Never quit. You are far too valuable to the world. 

The first tool of Access Consciousness that I discovered is called ‘The Bars®.’ One session of The Bars® allowed me to know that everything was ok, everything always had been, and everything always would be. That one tool, one thing, a process that took about an hour – changed the energy of what I knew was possible. It changed my whole life. *

In addition to the BARS®, if you or someone you know is going through a tough time, here are some other things you can do: 

Get your body moving! 

Sedentary lifestyles are very stressful on our bodies and are actually quite unkind to them. Your body is meant to move! That’s one of the reasons you have it. What do you love to do? Is it fun for you to run, jump, swim, play, walk, rock-climb? Whatever body movement is fun for you, get up and do it. Enjoy the gift of your body. 

Ask “Who does it belong to?”

Have you ever woken up in the morning, started crawling out of bed only to be hit with a wave of despair and overwhelm and a strong desire to get back in bed and do anything but face the day? What if those feelings of depression are not yours? What if you are simply aware of everyone and everything around you? 

You are like a radio tower picking up on signals for miles around. Ninety-eight percent of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you think are yours, are not. For every thought, feeling and emotion you have, ask, “Who does this belong to?” If you feel lighter, when you ask, those things don’t belong to you. This question and the BARS® literally saved my life. 

Reach out

People who are considering suicide often assume that no one cares or would even miss them if they were gone. They have thoughts and feelings of unworthiness that often consume them. Reach out and let them know you are there and that you will listen to them with no judgment. Let them know they are not alone and that there are people that can help. 

If you are the person going through a tough time, find someone who does not judge to talk to. Ask for help. 

Everyone has a gift to offer the world. Few of us were told that. Few of us know that. The most powerful thing you can do for someone else, the most powerful thing you can do for yourself, is to acknowledge that you are capable and valuable. Recognize that there is only one you and without you, we all miss out.

No matter what you are facing right now, please know there is always hope. Never give up, never give in and never quit. You are far too valuable to the world! Making the choice to live was one of the greatest choices I ever made. What would it take for you to do the same?

* The Access BARS® is a set of 32 points on the head which, when lightly touched, stimulate positive change in the brain and defragment the electro-magnetic components of stress, thought and emotions. According to patient feedback, a session of Access BARS® can stimulate a range of positive effects, including greater mental clarity, increased motivation, a significant increase in joy and happiness and fewer signs of anxiety and depression.


  • Dr. Dain Heer

    Author, International Speaker & Creator of International Being You Day

    Access Consciousness

    Dain Heer is an internationally renowned author, speaker and facilitator of consciousness and change. Co-creator of Access Consciousness™ and Founder of International Being You Day, Dr. Heer invites people to embrace their true greatness—people from every culture, country, age and social strata of society. Originally trained as a chiropractor, he has a completely different approach to healing by facilitating people to recognize and follow their own abilities and knowing. Dain is the author of nine books on the topics of embodiment, healing, money, and relationships—and his book, Being You, Changing the World is an international bestseller. A guest on hundreds of nationally syndicated radio and TV shows including Fox News and Gaiam TV, Dr. Heer also hosts a regular radio show called Conversations in Consciousness.