You said you can’t take it anymore. You had it with this life. “The load is just too heavy”, you whisper.

Sure, it’s heavy. But what you got on your back — those are wings.

Sitting there for so long. Unused. Rusting away.

Dust them off, give them a quick rinse. It’s been a while — who knows what’s hiding inside those feathers. And all this time you’ve complained about your back pain…

With wings like yours? They don’t make those anymore, you know. Collector’s wings you got.

Cleaned them? Good. Now spread. It will hurt a little at first — got to work out the muscle — nothing you can do about that. Wider! I want to see it all.

Great… just like that! Now sprint, spread, and up you go.

Oh… that must have hurt.

Ok, nice try. Get up, it’s all good. Nothing looks broken. Give it another shot.

Great! Now that’s what I’m talking about. Spread them wider… faster! You can do it, faster… now!

Watch out, too high — it’s dangerous! What? Come down, can’t hear you! Take it easy with the speed now, you might hit a bird! Careful!

The back pains — those are your wings. Stop hiding. Burn the bridges. The world deserves to see the real you. Let the fire in your heart be your guide. You’ve waited for too long. It’s your time.

Spread them wide, take off, and never look back.