They say that not only is yoga good for your body and health. It is also good for our mindsets and mindfulness. Teaching us how to take time with what we are doing and not rush the process.

What is your favorite pose or a pose you are practicing today?

Just like how yoga is about being at one with yourself and not overthinking, so is life! It’s not a race or a competition between anyone other than yourself.

For everyone who may be new to yoga and was like me when I started out (are probably thinking) yoga is only for spiritual people, women, and monks. Well, that is far from the case, yoga is for everyone even, you!

Aside from helping with longevity, flexibility, self-awareness and much more. But it also, lower blood pressure, anxiety, tension, self-doubt, raises metabolism and that is only for starters.

Here are a few simple workouts that you can implement today to help shape your life forever.

From doing morning routines, grounding, standing, laying, hot hathas, chair and so many other routines (could go on all day) this is my favorite to do just relax and start or finish my day.

I know like myself many of you are thinking I don’t have time to do yoga every day. This is one of the best parts about yoga and our mind and bodies. We don’t recognize a big accomplishment from a small one. Even getting a quick run through or a staying in the poses longer is good. One in most cases is better than none.

Here is something easy you can do in a little as a few minutes to a long as you wish. Life is all about baby steps and taking it at your own pace.

1.Start laying down flat on your yoga mat or some place comfortable and solid. Take a deep breath and bring both knees into your chest. Hold it for a few seconds 10–30 then bring them to one side of your body while breathing out the opposite direction. Hold for 10–30 seconds then go back to the center. Repeat process going the other direction.

Now bring one knee to your chest while taking a deep breath and holding for 10–30 seconds until bringing your knee to the opposite side of it while breathing out and holding for 10–30. Repeat process for the other side.Now that your back is all aligned from the night sleep or day we are ready to end the night.

2.While still laying on your back bring your legs behind your head while taking a deep breath trying to touch your toes to the ground behind you. hold this pose for 1–3 minutes or as long as you feel is comfortable for starters.

3, Now go into a bridge pose (Setubandha-sarvāṅgāsana) arching your stomach towards the sky for 30 seconds or before it becomes uncomfortable.

4.Sit in a lotus pose and reach your arms to both sides alternating right to left. then lean forward as far as you can. Play in this pose for a few minutes to loosen up.

5. Then turn over onto your hand and knees to start doing cat/cow. (Mārjāryāsana/Bitilasana) Breathe in as you curl your back up bringing your butt inwards as well as your head, like a cat arching up. Then breathe out and bringing your head upwards while lowering your back towards the ground. Repeat this process for as long as you desire, (normally 3–7 cycles.)

6, Transition into a child pose (Bālāsana) and this one is amazing, hold for as long as you wish.

7, From here you can easily go into a cobra pose (Bhujangasana) or upward facing dog. (with cobra pose you want to be on the balls of your toes and let your body shift you forward to not over stretch)

8.After that take a deep breathe in and go into a downward dog pose (Adho mukha śvānāsana), holding for 10–30 seconds.

9.Depending on how long you wish to go for, then do warrior pose (Virabhadrasana) and repeating into a downward dog then back up to a warrior pose again on the alternative side is a great way to raise confidence, feel grounded, and feel more powerful.


10. While standing tall you are in mountain pose, feet together and relaxed. Take a deep breathe and reach your arms and fingers outstretched into the sky. Repeat and hold this up to 1–5 minutes

11. From mountain pose, lift one leg up into your inner thigh as high as you can making a 90-degree angle with your knee, the tree pose, (Vriksasana) Hold for 30–1 minute or longer on both sides. It is said to help with balance, using both sides of the brain and helping with focus.

Side note

12. shake your body, arms, and legs and finish with the corpse pose. This is a pose that should almost always be used to end a session or routine. Lay there for a few minutes or even until you are ready to get up. The gravity will help place everything back in place and help you relax. Focus on your breaths, breathing in for 7 seconds, holding for 3–5 and exhaling for 5–7 or until all the air is out of your lungs and stomach.

Just like working out or meditation it is something that we should do daily, even if only for a few minutes. Lastly, changes occur after practicing for weeks or even months. You will be surprised at how beneficial it is after only ONE day, though!

Also, here is a few example of even more poses you can try out!

Don’t over think

When we start to overthink things that happen throughout our life. We are not listening to our true self. Are you sweating the little things, or how many times have you thought about doing something but didn’t? Then afterward someone else said or did what you wanted? Did they get a good response, or were they smiling afterwards? We are so much more connected than we really think. When you get a thought or want to do something just act on it.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. This is our conscious self, trying to communicate with us. “Extra tip” Act on your first impulse once a day in a positive way. The saying “think before you act” is still a key saying. But don’t ever over think what you are doing. Measures the pros and cons and what you could lose or gain. I bet that more than not, you will always have more to gain than lose.

Improv your life, some will say it’s just a game or stage anyways. You are you are in control, not your brain. Remember you are the lead role in your life, make your movie. Here is my youtube video talking more on this. Patience is a virtue

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“Thinking has, many a time, made me sad, darling; but doing never did in all my life….My precept is, do something, my sister, do good if you can; but at any rate, do something.”-Elizabeth Gaskell, North, and South

We are all in this together but it all starts with you! You are creating history!

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