Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing with Justin Saunders, Founder of New Age Media. Justin is a digital marketing expert and consultant that focuses on generating leads for chiropractors. During the interview we talked about business, entrepreneurship, lessons, and mentors. 3 to 4 years ago Justin saw an opportunity to enter the digital marketing space and now he has mentored over 100 entrepreneurs build a six figure agency.

While Justin was at the University of Kentucky he got a sales job at a print/digital ad agency where he quickly rose to becoming the top sales rep. However, only making 10% commission he felt that after graduation he could start to take on digital media himself. As Justin started he failed at getting results for his clients which made it hard for him to break out and succeed.

As an entrepreneur, it’s exciting to create something on your own. However the reality is that even though you have a great idea, product or service, you may not know exactly what you should be doing to be successful. For Justin the sales were not the issue it was providing results for his clients. Unable to get results for his clients at the start, Justin decided to invest into mentors who helped him get the results he needed to build his agency too six figures and help chiropractors with digital marketing. According to Justin mentors are one of the biggest things anybody can do to reach the next level.

Now that Justin has reached six figures his next milestone is the seven figure mark. While he works towards reaching that goal he spends his time being a mentor to other entrepreneurs looking to build a digital agency and teaches them how to generate leads for their own clients. I asked him what was the biggest struggle he sees most people make when starting their own agency. He said the biggest issue that most people make is understanding sales and being able to follow-up.

Justin runs his agency off his laptop and lives what most people call the laptop lifestyle. Allowing him have the freedom to travel around the world. One of his favorite places so far has been going to Cabo.

If you’re an chiropractor or entrepreneur who wants to learn how to generate more leads you can reach Justin on Instagram @Justinsaundersofficial


  • Jourdain Bell

    CEO & Co-Founder at Beast Media

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