The arrival of a new baby is always full of anticipation, and for a first-time mother it’s coupled with a fair amount of anxiety and stress

Living 500 miles away and being invited to be present at the birth is also nerve racking for the grandmother (that would be me!). So, after a few false starts, I packed a bag and flew to San Francisco to be nearby when it was truly Go time.

Rather than book a hotel room for 2 weeks, good friends offered their charming houseboat in Sausalito, just a short ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. Thinking a ride share service would suffice to shuttle me to and from and around the city, I soon found out that multiple rides per day would be prohibitively expensive and very inconvenient. There was much to do before the new arrival and no time to waste.

Then just in time, I found a great solution. I discovered is a car service called Kyte, a new alternative in the car rental space that brings the car to you and picks it up when your rental is complete. This made it super easy as we were about to welcome in the newest member of the family, and I would be going back and forth from the hospital for several days.

My booking and car rental experience was easy. I downloaded their app and moved quickly through the process. My car arrived on time, the drop off and pick up person was friendly, customer service was helpful, and the car was brand new and spotless. I had the car for several days, and I appreciated that Kyte offers you the option to refuel, so I didn’t have to deal with finding gas in an unfamiliar city.

Instead of focusing on how I was going to get where I needed to be, I was able to be attentive to the miracle of life that was awakening right before my eyes. This, I did not want to miss while waiting out on a street for a ride.

Experiencing a brand-new person joining the world is never a perfectly orchestrated scenario. The birthing process is unpredictable and exhausting. Time both stands still and leaps ahead with no warning. Days turn into nights, and no one eats or sleeps much. Everyone cautiously ushering in the baby as it makes its way.

Summer Noa

The sound of new life reverberating through the halls of a labor and delivery room is an awe-inspiring moment.

Witnessing the birth of a child is a time when you can palpably feel the sacredness and mystery of life itself. It sparks every cell in your being and reminds you how incredible we are as women and mothers.

Summer Noa, the new Mom & GiGi

Watching the next generation take on the challenges and joys of motherhood is truly an honor, being a part of the journey with my own daughters is a gift that keeps on giving.

The extraordinary gift of being a grandmother is another story altogether.

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