Bobby Borisov and Vandna Negi In Talks

In recent times, India has become an international hub due to many exciting factors, such as technological advancements, a progressive business environment, and widespread internet access. And as the Indian economy continues to grow, the number of potential people striving to turn their ideas into actual work increases, as seen by the rise in innovative start-ups.

Talented and driven people are constantly searching for the next potential opportunity to turn their dreams into a reality, which is exactly what Bobby Borisov and Vandna Negi are aiming to do.
These two successful and rooted people are launching a TV show that, according to Bobby, is about to become India’s most viewed TV series. This show will be called India’s Next Entrepreneur, and it is a business reality television series, almost like Indias very own version of the American series, Shark Tank.

As producers of the show, Bobby and Vanda Negi’s goal is to instruct opportunistic individuals on how to grow their company and navigate the dangerous waters of the world.

This fantastic series will star investment-seeking people showing potential presentations to a group of investors on a panel.
The panellists are then free to decide whether they will invest in the presenters’ company or not. The investors on the panel will critically judge the presentation, looking for any weak points in the company or its model. If any of the investors is genuinely interested in funding the company. This tv series will empower struggling or new people and provide them with a stable foundation to start their business, that is, if they can wow the panellists.

The show offers a competitive edge compared to other similar projects, which is the fact that the episodes will not be scripted. This allows the people to get an unbiased and direct opinion from the investors on their ideas. Such positive criticism from individuals who already know all the tips and tricks to achieve success can significantly impact potential and help guide them in the right direction.

Borisov himself faced many hardships before achieving success; that’s why he has a soft spot for all struggling ones as he sees a bit of himself in them and the hard work they put in. Therefore, Borisov has a few words to say for everyone struggling to achieve their dreams. ‘Always believe in yourself, never give up. If it seems you are never going to get it, then do baby steps towards your dream, and eventually, you will succeed.’

And Negi, as an empowered female trailblazer in the global investment industry, believes that this series will help other female ones build their work and become as successful as her.
So not only is the series sure to gain popularity as many people desire and find this kind of content entertaining, but it will also help many people along the way.