This article continues from ‘9 Elements of Empowerment’, where nine elements of ’empowerment from within’ are introduced.

The idea is to distill the massive amount of information within all teaching, training, technique and tradition regarding self or spiritual empowerment, to its simplest and most fundamental form. In how few words can the essence be conveyed?

Here is one version of such a distillation.

To awaken, ascend, and/or be empowered from within, keep:

Letting Go
Being Grateful
Straightening Spine
Centering in Heart
Asking and Listening Within
Giving and Receiving Freely
Feeling Being


‘Keep Breathing’ is a reminder to bring attention back to the present moment, the frequency medium for all empowerment from within.

‘Keep Relaxing’ helps to quiet the anxious or busy mind and releases tension from tightened muscles, allowing consciousness to expand in the body-mind.

‘Keep Letting Go’ of limiting patterns makes room for new possibilities to unfold.

‘Keep Being Grateful’ for ‘what is’ dissolves the restless wanting of the ‘who I am.’ It humbles the personality, opens the heart, and shifts the frequencies of the body-mind towards union.

‘Keep Straightening the Spine’ with the head up, shoulders back, chest open, hips tilted forward, sets the body-mind position for giving and receiving.

‘Keep Centering in the Heart’ engages heart intelligence and bridges to the One Heart.

‘Keep Asking and Listening Within’ – Asking opens communication pathways and sets the direction for guidance and creation. Listening allows prompts and impulses from higher intelligence to be heard.

‘Keep Giving and Receiving Freely’ opens the channel between body-mind and the greater existence and allows the energy to flow.

‘Keep Feeling Being’ transcends the small self to realize the greater Self.

The heart longs for a body that is fluid and free from tension stress, for a mind uncluttered and untroubled by limiting patterns, to be open for giving and receiving freely, and communicating/communing with the greater existence (Life, Universe, Mind….)

Aligning the intention of the body/mind with the longings of the heart happens over ‘frequencies.’

Working with the frequencies or elements is simple and natural. It begins with an initial intention. The stronger the will behind the intention, the greater its force for effectiveness.

Taking one step at a time, a first can be a reminder to breathe and bring attention back to the present moment. With continuity, it becomes easier each day.

Then another step can be taken, to relax the body-mind. For this there are numerous relaxation exercise possibilities and a match for each person who will explore. Resources abound to help with integrating each of the nine.

All nine elements work together toward empowerment from within, awakening and ascension.

For example, there are so many choices of exercises, devices, methods and programs designed to relax the body-mind that it can be overwhelming. Where to start? How to find what fits to the individual?

The key is to do what works and to maintain over the day by relaxing in the instant that tension begins. That in-the-moment relaxing can be done by using the mind and will, and if needed bringing in such techniques as tightening and releasing the muscles. Tip: keep it simple.

Here is a video of relaxation music, one of many choices freely available online.

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