Changing the narrative of motherhood from sacraficers to leaders was the message I knew needed to be shared.
But that message needed to go beyond words, it needed a deeper understanding and real action.

For me growing up as a young girl the seeds of the perception of motherhood where sown and what would often bloom was the message sacrifice.

Everywhere I went and every mother I spoke to, spoke the words ” motherhood is about sacrifice”

Never did I imagine there was more to motherhood than sacrifice, when all I saw was mothers putting themselves last, excepting less and believing they could live again when their children grew up.

So naturally when I stepped into my role as a mother I stepped in with belief that I needed to accept that my dreams needed to be on hold until my children’s dreams where realised.

I knew I wasn’t the only mother that believed this or had been told this was the reality we should accept.

But there was something about this belief and this message that led me to feel, alone, lost and slightly frustrated with being a mother, rather than feeling the joy of raising my child.

It wasn’t until I spend more time developing me that I realised it was because there was so much pressure being placed on the mother/ child relationship and the expectation that my child, singlehandedly was going to fulfil me and he just didn’t.

No child could as no one person can fulfil another, it is up to the mother to discover what fulfils her and let that experience expand her journey as a person.

We can become so busy looking at what our children need, that we forget what we need and this is exasperated by what the world tells us we should need and be as a mother.

I discovered that in motherhood we don’t only nurture and care for our children, we teach, we motivate, we inspire and we lead.

Motherhood is as much about leadership than it is about mothering and therefore we need to establish healthy balanced relationship with ourselves as well as our children.

Every mother deserves not to feel guilty about needing balance, self care and emotional as well as physical support for her to raise herself and her children.

I created CEOMOM because it meant Create Empower Overcome and I needed a reminder that in order to flourish in motherhood and in life, I needed to build healthy habits that will allow me to do so.

I know we all seek to raise amazing children but I also Invite you to seek the leader in you and never forget her, as she is the one that holds the vision for the future generation.
But she is also the one that requires as much nurturing and care as any leader needs, when they have the ability to shape society.


  • Leonie

    Motherhood Journey consultant

    The empowerment of mothers has never been more important than it is now, we are slowly starting to wake up to the fact that mothers are often the dominant parental figure in a child's life, therefore is shaping the future of society with her ability to lead and nurture her children. Giving mothers the right tools to do so has never been more critical to the outlook on how our next generations leaders will look  and  what they will stand for. Thousands of mothers each year struggle with knowing their worth as it's not commonly celebrated the importance of mothers and their motherhood journey. Beyond mothers day mothers are expected to shrink and to fit into this stereotypical perception that the world has on mothers. We only have to look at the struggles mothers have accessing genuine and fulfiling careers or how they are still being shamed into "bouning back" quickly after child birth as if that is the most important aspect of motherhood.