It’s a new month, and new beginnings are at play. How does it feel to reflect upon the past month, knowing that one has worked hard, and is dedicated to giving one’s all? How does it feel? Well, it is definitely a sigh of relief. Just know that you have made it. Here is a question for you. Is all of the hard work starting to pay off? Well, it would be nice to know. Nevertheless, there are some, who are still waiting for those blessings. Waiting. Waiting. And waiting, they are.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to receiving the blessings, that one is aiming for. Oh yes! Its a blessing, indeed. Patience requires hard work, determination, and understanding the blessing of Divine timing. Now, that is a phenomenon in its own right. During the time when one is seeking a manifestation of one’s hard work, there has to be a period of consistently speaking those blessings into fruition. That’s for sure.

Throughout these moments in time, one is sure to find a special treasure in the very power of words. For words have the power to create and the power to destroy. Words are powerful. It is also through consistent repetition of words, where we are bound to experience t the fruition of our hearts desire. ❤ What’s even more intriguing is our ability to reach higher into Divine timing. Afterall, it is through our connection with the Divine, where we are permitted to move our blessings to the spaces (and places) of our desire. Fruition is about manifesting a person’s desires into a whole, new light.

Moving into the waters of Jamaica, we are hit with a tune regarding the overflowing of a cup. This is attributed to the blessings of others. It’s a Biblical prophesy. In Church, one has often heard about the “overflowing of one’s cup.” Through prayer and tenacity, we come to witness the power of moving into greater heights; reaping the rewards of our labor and desire.

When examining the power of the reigning down of blessings, hope in Divine intervention and faith brings one into alignment with manifestation. It’s about persistence; continuing to do the work, even when things do not look as if they will get better. Such is the power of belief!

“Like a woman of the well, I was seeking, for things that could not satisfy”

“And then, I heard my Saviour speaking draw from my well, that never shall run dry”

“Fill my cup Lord, I lift it up Lord” “Come and squench the thirsting of my Soul”

“Bread of Heaven, feed me till I want no more” “Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole”

There are many beautiful points in the song “Fill My Cup,” by one late Jamiacan, musical legend. In the stanza previously mentioned, one hears some beautiful lessons meant to be learned. There is the lesson of opening up to receive. In order for a person to be granted their blessings, they must be willing to acknowledge that they need help. Sometimes, pride has a way of getting in the middle of that. People ignore asking for help out shame or the ego. Living in a society of self-sufficiency, it is evident that so many people are afraid to simply, ask.

“There are millions in this world, who are craving. . .

So many are craving that love and desire for spiritual nourishment. A person can’t help, but to move into greater heights. There is a beautiful love, when it comes to it, all. There is an intrinsic art, as it pertains to opening one’s hands open, in order to receive. So, why do people seem halted in doing so? What’s the problem in this regard? Faith? Maybe belief? So, how about this. Let’s permit our very first walk to move out on faith. For it is through faith and perseverance, where the filling of one’s cup, first, BEGINS!

Barbara Jones