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September 30th is International Podcast Day. Podcasts have expanded in popularity in recent years, with now over 2 million podcasts and 48 million episodes available worldwide. One of the many benefits of the Internet is the ability to bring targeted information to a wide audience with a few simple keystrokes and a microphone. Gone are many of the barriers of yore which limited broadcasting to radio networks and talk show hosts. Today, creating a podcast is a more simplified process, meaning anyone with a message to share can easily do so. This is great news for many industries, and healthcare and wellness are no exception.

There are many podcasts available online which increase awareness of a number of health topics, from palliative care to skin cancer awareness from the CDC, Johns Hopkins, and other reputable resources. But health podcasts extend beyond discussion of the body and medical findings. Many are now using the podcast platform to start a conversation on the other dynamics in healthcare, including the impact of the medical field on practitioner and patient mental wellness. 

Podcasts Target Physician Burnout And Wellness  

The American Medical Association (AMA) has created a new podcast, AMA Steps Forward which showcases leaders in healthcare and their real-life experiences in the field. Episodes to date have covered cultivating leadership in healthcare, how to optimize satisfaction in your practice, how healthcare professionals can manage stress, and more important topics. 

The American College of Physicians (ACP) has also compiled a list of TED Talks, podcasts, and webinars which address issues important to physician wellness and tools to prevent burnout. While the ACP collection is targeted towards addressing mental health in the medical field, the collection of media which can be helpful for persons seeking advice on increasing joy and reducing burnout in their work, regardless of industry. Here, you’ll find coverage on time management, tips for sustainable leadership, building resilience, and other areas pertaining to managing the personal and the professional with ease.

The Coalition for Physician Well-Being, an organization dedicated to promoting ‘meaning, purpose, and joy in the practice of medicine’, does just that with their collection of podcasts which highlight such areas in healthcare. To date, the organization has covered topics in the healthcare space on the holistic practice of medicine, addressing not only the physical and mental aspects of practicing medicine, but the needs of the whole individual practitioner. Guests to date have included Professors from Harvard Medical School, Infectious Disease physicians, medical directors, and other experts.  

Whatever your podcast interests, you are sure to find something which resonates and provides insight into how to optimize your health and well-being. Do you have any favorite episodes or topics you have enjoyed listening to from one of the above podcasts? Or recommendations for others which address the important area of physician wellness? Share below in the comments! 

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