Every business owner has the tag name, An Entrepreneur. I wonder why a little out of all have the additional attachment, successful Entrepreneur.

Research Shows that there are 400M entrepreneurs in the world. However, we only know of few who are exceptionally successful with a career.

The entrepreneurship field has thereby become survival of the strong and smart.

Although the road to success is not always easy, these people are successful because they take up the challenge and have the determination to pay the price. 

A careful study into the lives of successful entrepreneurs revealed that they tend to share common features. This has made them stand out to get optimum results in their entrepreneurship journey.

They have realistic goals:

To be a successful entrepreneur, it’s more important to be a goal driven person.

One of the features of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to see beyond the present condition.

Successful entrepreneurs are visionaries. They sight opportunities around them, and never let opportunities waste.

Generally speaking, a lot of new things are made into existence with the help of entrepreneurs who are smart and talented. They see things differently, they believe something new can be made into an existence. And that makes their vision into reality.

Henry Ford, for example, had the vision to make an unbreakable windshield. Some said “it is impossible,” but he was convinced in himself that it’s due time to make car windshield safer. He accomplished it in 1919, the accomplishment helped his company to budge to the next level.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t visualize without actions. They have visions and make it into reality.

They are time conscious and fast with what they do:

Successful entrepreneur detests slow projects, they’re very fast with what they do and practically believe in executing their work on time, either with a team or alone.

They have very interesting ways of motivating their workers to work effectively for the progress of any project they’re into.

They take a calculated risk:

Successful entrepreneurs are people who are willing to take a risk for the growth of their company. However, they are smart enough to know the type of risk to venture into (they take a calculated risk).

Successful entrepreneurs are people who are never comfortable in their comfort zone — they don’t limit themselves to a particular spot.

They are willing to take risk that will move them to the next level. When others are dreamers they are doers.

Elon Musk, a successful entrepreneur who took a risk that almost got his companies into bankruptcy, when he took the money he made on an internet company PayPal and invested it in two of his own startups, SpaceX and Tesla.

Elon was already on the path to doom until he took the last decision which sustained him and helped both companies thrive.

They learn consistently:

Learning is a vital aspect of entrepreneurship, and successful entrepreneurs are never tired of learning. They find it more important to improve themselves daily.

Reading a lot of books, magazines and other things that can move their company to the next level.

They spend enough time to gain information and knowledge; which is one of the reasons why they stand out among their competitors.

No wonder why Warren Buffett reads between 600 and 1000 pages per day when he first started his career and still devotes about 80 percent of each day to reading.

Nicholas Dutko of Auto Transport Service Quote also attested to how much reading has helped him in his entrepreneurial journey to the part of success.

If it is possible to reach people like Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, and other well known successful entrepreneurs directly, I will say, “it is arguable that they also exhibit a reading lifestyle more than an average entrepreneur.”

“Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking, Thinking provides knowledge while Knowledge makes you great”.-Abdul kalam.

Successful entrepreneurs are ready to devote themselves to what will improve their knowledge at all cost.

They are happy with their work

Successful entrepreneurs are always happy with what they do.

They channel all their efforts to entrepreneurship progress. Successful entrepreneurs are individuals who always invest their money and time in something they love doing.

They don’t go for things that don’t inspire them; that is why they work with great passion and focus which gives them a visible result.

They are optimistic

Successful entrepreneurs are hopeful and confident about the future. They always see the positive side of any situation, and that define them in a different way.

They are courageous people with cheerful attitude who always think from the positive side of every situation they find themselves.

Meanwhile, this is the reason why most successful entrepreneurs are productive; because they know that negative attitude and negative thinking hinder productivity.

In Conclusion:

To achieve entrepreneurial success, it is more important to consider the key features of smart and successful entrepreneur listed above.

Be sure to use it to improve your entrepreneurship lifestyle which would in turn help double their productivity.


  • Daniel Moayanda

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