In the new CBS show — God Friended Me — the main character is contacted by God through a request to friend him. The young man is not allowed to do anything else on his devices until he accepts the request.  He then gets more requests to add additional earth bound individuals as the show progresses.  Each new friend is affected by this young man, who is an atheist.  Without understanding why, he drawn to the first contact at a subway station where he pulls him back from certain death by suicide. 

Circumstances continue to reveal more about the situation as a search for who is spoofing God on social media.  The next contact is with a writer who has writer’s block and he tells her what is going on and she says she will help him find out who is doing this to him but he has to let her write an article about the Intersection of God/faith with Social Media. 

The show continues to spiral through the connections of these characters and the impact each has with each other. 

I enjoyed the storylines and even got a little emotional at times as I related to the story and how these people were making a difference in their lifetime!!

I highly recommend you at least give the show a look and catch the premiere episode on demand.  I know I am looking forward to the next show.

Can a tv show challenge you and your faith and values?  Yes, I think this one will!  Let me know what you have to say.