How many of us wake up every morning and wonder if this chaos is all real? This is the type of thing that we have seen in disaster movies over the years, the only difference is this really is happening. A Hollywood action start isn’t going to be able to save us from this one I’m afraid. A moment to reflect maybe? A moment to think about all the things we did wrong in life and all the things we should have done. What value do we place on things that really don’t deserve that accolade when in reality the things that are most important, the things we overlook all the time are disappearing before our very eyes. 

Swathes of locusts ravaging the land on one continent, entire nations being burned to the ground, icebergs melting and now a global virus sweeping across the planet like a storm. Everything we took for granted now at its greatest risk. Look around, look for the ones you love, the ones you haven’t told you love for a long time, the ones you haven’t made an effort to see. 

During these moments of despair we will see many different reactions, people terrified, people looking for comfort, those who are remorseful and sadly those who wish to capitalize on the misery of others. Who will you be? What will history tell of these moments and how humanity reacted to its darkest hour. It’s not one nation at war with another but a united enemy that has no preference. We are from different places, we have different languages, we eat different food and live different lives but ultimately we are all human and this is a war on humanity. 

This race for survival will change the world we know and once the dust settles the landscape will be new, all we can do is hope we did enough and that we do enough to take something positive from this leaving more than an apology to our unborn grandchildren about what could have been. 

We are only humans, we are filled with faults and mistakes but if ever there was a time to unite and challenge a change that time is now, we might fail and we might succeed but whatever happens from this moment forward let’s do it together, not as Chinese or Italian. Not as Americans or Iranians, not as black or white nor old and young but as humans, and as humans we might just stand a half chance.

Keep safe!