2019 will be a year of change for my family

  • One: We’re moving to Texas. The literal one. In my area of Indiana, we use ‘moving to Texas’ as a euphemism for moving far away. So I am….both moving far away and moving to Texas.
  • Two: I get to purge. I absolutely love to purge. I do need some assistance getting things to a give-a-way place, so thank goodness for those with a stronger back than I have.
Sidenote: I use Goodwill.  (http://www.goodwill.org/)  I love their Excel program to help educate those who do not have their high school diploma yet.

Moving will be fairly difficult. I have lived in 3 houses that I have had a part in purchasing, and they have all been in Indiana. The house I’m in currently has been our family home for just over 12 years.

I briefly lived in Cincinnati for graduate school, with very little income, lagging student loans, while getting trained in a program I love, but that’s been a while. (Graduation: 1995)

I love sunshine. I love to see the sun in the sky. I love to be in the sun. I love to look at things from a ‘sunshiny’ view.

  • Three:I will continue to learn to be in the sun without worrying about trying to tan my olive based skin. My skin, as I like to say, ‘likes to tan’. I’m planning to spend a lot of time in the shade looking at the sun to slow down the skin damage I already have at the ripe old age of 48.

So those are my plans for the New Year/coming months. I’m very much anticipating lots of changes, new friends, a new mechanism for income for me, and visitors from my home state as well as from those who live elsewhere.

So Let’s Go. I hope your plans for the upcoming week, or month, day, or even 5 years (if that’s how you operate), work out in ways you hope they will as well.

This is a time of year for New Beginnings, New Endings, and Fresh Starts.


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