It’s that time of year when there are many lists published – recognizing top songs, top news makers, best books, etc. for the previous year. It is also the time of year that many people are given awards, recognized for their contributions to their field, to their community, to others. Order of Canada awards, Most Powerful Women in Canada Awards, Athlete of the Year, Time News Person… the lists go on.

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It is interesting to read about the notable people and what they have done to gain such recognition. Their accomplishments are many, the activities are diverse. It can be inspiring to read their stories, but it can also be intimidating. “I can’t ever do what THEY do!” But in fact you can – many people can and do just that each and every day, without getting a prominent award for their actions.

Who in your circle is someone you admire? Who gets up every day even when there is adversity to deal with, challenges to face? A single mom you know? A grieving spouse? A student struggling with self-esteem and anxiety? Who in your world deserves an award, just for showing up? Sometimes that is the greatest challenge and therefore the most admirable accomplishment.

Take a moment and look around you. The faces you are seeing you are not going to have a portrait taken for a ‘best of’ list. However I would suggest that there are many people in your midst who are award-worthy. Start off the year by letting them know; find a way to acknowledge their uniqueness, their struggles, their perseverance. Give them your gratitude, your awe, your appreciation. Give them a joyful start to 2018 with your good wishes. Happy New Year everyone!

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