Happy New Year Friends! 2019 came so fast. As we grow older, the years seem to fly by. I’ve read that it is a part of the nature of life for time to accelerate as we age. I see that more and more. I always start the new year older…by that I mean literally older. My birthday is December 31st. When I was younger, I hated to have my birthday on New Year’s Eve. Why? Well, none of your friends are ever around to celebrate it with you. Gifts were usually two fold….birthday and Christmas. As an older adult who is now a proud member of AARP, I enjoy my birthday. My perspective has changed over the years about December 31st. Instead of being negative about all the things I have no control over, I am choosing to be positive with things I can control. Plus I get to live another day and count my blessings.

On my birthday, mother asked me what my New Year’s Resolution would be for 2019. I told her that resolutions are really not my thing. I hate to plan something spectacular like be a size 6 only to fall off the wagon sometime during the year. That’s just one of my failed resolutions. I would go on a cleanse, I would start a new diet, I would begin an exercise program or I would vow to run…okay walk one 5K per month for the year. Boy… it took me a while to realize that keeping or not keeping a New Year’s Resolution didn’t define who I was as a person.

I’ve decided that the New Year is a New Beginning to refine who you are as a human being and leave this world with a legacy of love, hope and kindness.

Everyone has a choice on how they want to start their new year or new beginning.

Stella Stevens

I choose to be kind.

I choose to be honest.

I choose to count my blessings.

I choose to enjoy each day for it may be my last.

I choose to embrace my age with grace.

I choose God.

I choose to make a difference in the lives of others.

I choose to love others even when they can’t see love.

What do you choose for your New Year or New Beginning?


  • Stella Stevens, Ed. D.

    Educator, Speaker, Blogger, Artist

    Stella Uribe Stevens is an educator, community volunteer, servant leader, wife, daughter and grandmother. She lives in McKinney, Texas with her husband, Dave, and daughter, Annalisa. Since retiring after 29 years in the education arena, Stella has had time to enjoy painting, baking, blogging and volunteering for various service organizations. She loves working with aspiring administrators through the Education Leadership Program at Texas Woman’s University.