Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

The Holidays and the end of the calendar year are a popular time for reflection, cleansing and goal setting.  Although I am not one for resolutions simply because I believe that we should effect change in our lives as we need it regardless of the time of year, I do believe in setting intentions for ourselves and revisiting those intentions regularly. 

Throughout the course of 2019, following a terrifyingly traumatic start to the year as my son fought for his life while in a comma on life support, we did a lot of soul searching, at first together then on our own individual paths.  I started studying the art of Reiki and educating myself on the healing powers of channeling universal energy.  Although I still have so much to learn, the knowledge I have gained thus far has gone a long way in continuing to support my journey of self love, self care and personal growth.  So as I thought about setting my intentions for 2020, I chose to align them with the seven energy centres of my body in hopes of maintaining balance, peace, clarity, energy and success as we head into this exciting new decade. 

In my book, Your Extraordinary Self, I dedicate a chapter to “The Power of Choice”.  In this chapter, we discuss the concept of “choice” and the fact that, at times things will happen to us or around us that are out of our control, but how we choose to respond to these things is always within in our control.  We always have the power to choose.  With this in mind, my intentions this year are not so much about achieving goals, but more about how I choose to live my life.  I am sharing these with the hope that they will help motivate others to start thinking about, not only what they want out of life, but how they choose to live it. 

In 2020…

  1. I  choose to gain more stability and security in my life situation.  To heal my connection with the earth and to help me ground and deeply root myself to reach control and calmness in my life.  I choose to allow abundance to manifest within me and wealth to flow through me in support of myself and of others.
  2. I choose to take care of my body – physically, mentally and spiritually.  I choose to make healthy choices so I can be lean, energetic, vibrant and passionate.
  3. I choose the best for myself.  I choose to be strong and brave and to provide myself with the tools I need to architect a life of fulfillment.
  4. I choose to be open to love of myself and with others.  To heal my connection with nature and to ground and deeply root myself to live in balance and peace.
  5. I choose to live an authentic life of truth and with integrity.  For my voice to be heard, my creativity to be harnessed and my feelings to be expressed.  I choose to share my experience and wisdom with others.
  6. I choose to listen to my intuition and to learn from my experiences.  To heal my connection with my inner guidance and to remain open to the inspiration and wisdom of others.
  7. I choose to develop a deeper connection to the universe.  To live in the present moment while feeling at one with myself, others and with nature.  I choose to live each day with courage, strength, love and gratitude.

How will you choose to live this upcoming year?