Sometimes life offers a wake up call because we need one. Without such scary wake up calls, we wouldn’t push ourselves to grow, or be given a chance to improve our health before something worse happens that we can’t reverse with diet and exercise.

Our bodies are a temple and the only ones we’re given in this too-short life, but it’s easy to forget that. Sure, it is a shell, and our minds are greater than our bodies, but that also means we should be mindful of how we treat it. We wouldn’t treat a new Ducati or Jaguar without care, we would keep it up and make sure it gets all its checkups for maintenance.

Although this has pushed me to look at my own new chapter of wanting to help others more, I’ve humanly had a rough few months, which included being considered a “hopeless case” by some periodontists, who rejected me. To be rejected by a doctor, though humanly hurtful, it turned out to be a blessing, as so many low moments in life turn out to be.

I ended up being directed by the universe – after five doctors – to the right one. If I wasn’t rejected, I wouldn’t have been pushed to keep finding the right one. I always saw a female periodontist for myself, and although the one that rejected me, at a prestigious teaching hospital, was someone I tried to fit in my brain as “the one,” she wasn’t in my heart. I knew she wasn’t on the same page as me energetically and for me, her medical solutions were limited.

In an emergency, in my car I booked the right appointment and immediately drove there. The universe made the appointment for me, since the timing had all worked out in that moment in the day when I was turned away from yet another doctor who didn’t want to try to treat my emergency.

This was someone whose name I kept seeing popping up near my dentist’s office and who I had rejected in my mind because she was pretty and she wasn’t dressed in traditional doctor’s garb in the photo I saw. I reverse judge people, even myself. Though I am pushed to do spiritual work, it’s part of my own natural human curmudgeonly view of things. But the universe kept pushing me there and I didn’t go until the doctor before that had just sent me home.

The energy at this office is immediately different from the first office where I had to go on my first emergency. I had never been to a periodontist’s office before. That office felt like a funeral home – where teeth go to die. And you can feel it. Not all teeth want or need to be pulled out.

She didn’t send me away with my medical emergency that day, she gave me Ozone water and ozone olive oil to help before the larger procedure later. They not only offer the newest technology (it baffles my mind why others are still in the dark ages), but they also rely on trusted old wisdom – homeopathy and muscle testing – which asks our Higher Selves what our bodies need and don’t need.

On the way to my surgery there and back, I had to make my mind think positive thoughts of a good new chapter in life or some other happy thoughts. Our bodies heal better and respond better in general when we’re in positive moods, which includes laughing or smiling even when we don’t feel like it. Studies prove it. Laugh and smile even when you don’t feel like it. The old adage of “faking it till you make it” has a point to it.

This doctor’s office, filled with positive people, has been a second home and expensive life lesson lately. But sometimes the universe has other plans, such as bringing new energy and new good people into our lives that we never would have crossed paths with otherwise. For me, I got to offer readings to people there as mitzvahs. When you give a healing, you get a healing.

I got some not great news yesterday there and I found myself praying to God and making promises. If this small prayer is answered, then I’ll do my part about this or that. Which I would have done anyway, but urgency sometimes pushes us further, beyond our fears and worries that otherwise cloud our view and path. I also now have a new normal after eating a meal. Small price to pay for keeping what I was originally given in this life as my human body.

My mouth’s ‘good side’ has now become my weaker side. But I was thankful in my bummed mood because my periodontist always has an upbeat glass-half-full outlook – she gave thumbs up that my weak side is now my strong side post that surgery four weeks ago.

She said, “Sometimes our bodies tell us what we need.” I was hoping to get a second surgery for what was my ‘good side’ after this first one healed, in eight months, but now it looks like my body is pushing me to get it done now, sooner than I wanted. And just in time for the New Year.

I went to my perio’s office today and said to the endodontist, “I hope my prayers are answered.” She was equally upbeat in her energy, and asked (I’ve never been asked this by a doctor!), “What were you praying for?” I told her. After examining the weaker side that was supposed to be the strong side I’ve been relying on, my prayers were indeed answered. And her assistant said enthusiastically, “Your prayers were more than answered!”

She was right. I wanted minimal work if needed, but it ended up that nothing needed to be done before this second surgery. I am so thankful to be surrounded by glass-half-full people that I didn’t even know existed just a few months ago.

It’s cool to have a doctor’s office that has the newest technology, but combines and values old trusted wisdom – the endodontist offers homeopathic shots to reinvigorate the roots. Unheard of. And the chiropractor also does homeopathy and muscle tests, asking your Higher Self if something is good for you. So I used my time yesterday to ask my body which supplements and dosage it needs (it didn’t like Whole Foods’ CoQ10, it gave a strong thumbs down, but liked the Thorne product instead).

As I was bummed leaving the office yesterday with the bad news (until today came around and I got the good news), I was forced to crack a smile because when others around say “Hi” or smile, you just do it back to be polite. It forces us to smile even when we’re bummed, and smiling tells the body everything is ok. The mind is so powerful and since the body is just a shell, it will think it’s happy even when you’re not. Plus, it’s also the New Year and people are still in the holiday mood and now saying “Happy New Year” to complete strangers.

It happened to be Oliver Stone who walked in and smiled at everyone as I was leaving, and I’m not one to usually recognise people. But whoever smiled as they walked by, I would’ve made myself smile back. Good thing too that strangers around us push us to be more upbeat regardless of what’s going with our own mood.

The energy in this doctor’s office is so upbeat with a glass-half-full vibe; it reminded me that if I did have a New Year’s resolution, it would be to allow more glass-half-full people in my life. And to stay away from glass-half-empty, negative people.

If you personally can’t do that, for example if you have negative co-workers or family members whose energy you feel you absorb, put up a rose in your aura a foot in front of you, a foot away from each arm and a foot behind your back. It will be like a force field for their negativity. Although the best scenario would still be to surrounded yourself with positive, uplifting people.

Glass-half-full people also tend to bring in more abundance in their lives. So that’s another big reason to be upbeat, especially as we start off this New Year of new energy in 2018.

When our prayers were beyond answered where the day before we found ourselves making a deal with God, it’s not a time to go back to the status quo. That defeats the reason we allowed ourselves to walk through that wake up call.

Once we get an ‘all clear sign’ like I did recently from a doctor on another wake up call, it was time to make changes – to live more courageously. To treat my body as a temple, such as changing the drinking water to alkaline water and other improvements.

We wouldn’t have walked through the wake up call if it was just to get an ‘okay’ from a doctor on a medical scare and go back to life as it was before the scare. It’s a reminder about the short time we get to be here, as the days seem to go faster as we age, and what we want to do with the time we are given.

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