You sat down to map out your dreams for the future, your plans for the new year. In this case, a new decade.

Well, a month of the new year has gone by and the enthusiasm may have begun to wain off, or you’re rethinking some of them altogether.

Don’t stop here!

Come back to why you wanted these goals in the first place. Chances are, you want more for yourself. You want to become a better version of who you are. You want to turn those dreams that fill your mind into a reality. I get it.

I completely transformed my life in 2019 because I wanted more. I went from being an engineer to creating a life as an artist and writer. This change was beautiful, but here’s the thing, this change has held extreme highs followed by moments of struggle. The journey to success is not linear, it has many ups and downs, and sudden turns that can take you off course.

One of the biggest things that has gotten me through moments of struggle has been connecting with inspiration.

Inspiration can show up in many ways, it can be in people you admire, the art you appreciate, or experiences you have. It lives everywhere. But, when you are in a moment of pain or feel stuck in how to move forward in reaching your goals, inspiration can feel far away.

This is why quotes are the quickest and most accessible taste of inspiration you can find. Here are five of the most inspiring quotes I read on repeat this past year while building my life as a writer and artist.

“There are no ordinary moments.” — Dan Millman

However simple this quote may sound, it has truly changed my life. It originated from the book Way of The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.

Making big changes in your life and reaching lofty goals aren’t accomplished in one single moment. Whether you are writing a book, building a business, or creating content to share, it is a series of small moments that lead to success and creation.

Each moment in your life is an opportunity for something spectacular to occur. There are truly, no ordinary moments.

This has helped me move forward when I didn’t think I was going to come up with a solution or create a beautiful story. It reminded me that inspiration lives everywhere and in everything. It’s a matter of choosing to see it.

Every moment of a creator’s journey matters. It’s up to you to decide if you what you do with it.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”- Albert Einstein

When you create, there will always be people who oppose your art and your ideas. You are on a journey to share something with the world, and some people, those “mediocre minds” won’t want to receive it.

Your art isn’t going to be made for everyone, and that’s okay. Rejection is part of the process. But remember, you are a great spirit and there are far more people who would love to hear from you than those who don’t.

“If you intend to write as truthfully as you can, your days as a member of polite society are numbered.”- Steven King

If anyone knows how to survive and thrive as an artist and creator, it’s Steven King. Writing is really all about being honest, sharing the parts of yourself that others wouldn’t ever dare share. But, that is how connection is made.

Reading this quote was the permission I needed to know that I could, and rather, should, write truthfully and release the concern of “society”.

Enjoy the freedom that this quote provides and creating from your truth will become easier.

“My brokenness is a better bridge for people than my pretend wholeness ever was.”- Sheila Walsh

As you create, don’t be afraid to be seen.

Your strengths impress people, but sharing your weaknesses connects you with people. No one wants to hear a story of perfection, it is through the struggles and triumphs that stories matter, connect and heal.

Your vulnerability will be your greatest strength as an artist. Step into it fully and by doing so you will become a beacon of light for others, an example of your story and the growth that comes from it.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”- Pablo Picasso

Step into having fun with the process of creating change and a dream you believe in.

I found that once I stripped away a layer of professionalism in my writing and art it became more playful and fun. The kicker here was, I began to connect with more people once I gave myself permission to connect with my more childish artistic self.

We all have an inner child that still plays in your mind. Let them free and love that you are giving yourself this gift of creativity and the permission to change!

Step forward with your goals ready. In the moments where you question yourself or your path, turn to these inspiring quotes and motivational words to steer you back on track.

You’ve got this!

This article first appeared on Medium.