Are you a person who writes down New Year’s resolutions? Do you follow them? How far into January do you get before you crumble the paper up and throw it away and say… “well, there’s always next year” and it’s only the eighth of January! Perhaps you are the person who refuses to write resolutions because you know you won’t follow them, or you don’t give in to the ‘hype’ of resolutions.

The truth is, whichever type of person you are, it’s ok. I personally do not jump on many bandwagons without thoroughly thinking them through. This year, there is a difference in the air. This is not just a new week, a new month, or a new year; it is also a new decade. Society shifts everything at the dawn of a new decade. Music is categorized by decades. History is grouped by decades. If there is ever a time where starting fresh, shifting perspectives, or changing from who you currently are into the person you strive to be, the beginning of a decade is one of the best times.

If you are walking through a difficult season, changing times, or any troubling scenario and are desperate for a change – OR – if you are just ready to step into a much fuller, deeper you; this week, this month will provide you more support from others than any other ‘new year’ possibly for at least another 10 years.

January 1, 2020 is not just waiting to become a New Year, it’s time for a New You. So, whether or not you are a resolution person, here are three ways to make 2020 and beyond start with a fresh perspective, and to make this not just another new year, but a better new you.   

Order Up!

If you have been following the other three articles I’ve written on gratitude hacks, then you know I have presented a three-point sequence for these hacks. What hasn’t been explicit, but hopefully implicit is that the order in which the three points have been presented are just as important as mastering the hacks themselves (if you haven’t read the other articles, you now have a little leg up to go back and deepen your experiences). The three mindsets that will help you develop a new you are being relentless, walking with purposefulness, and having a resoluteness about you.

Be Relentless

Go after your dreams. Build your legacy. Do the things you’ve always wanted to. Take calculated risks. Remove negativity from your life. Invest in those you want around you. Make no excuses. Take that chance. Why? No one will do it for you… except you. The life you live is yours. Sure, we all have responsibilities, bills to pay, other people we may be responsible for, or to, yet… no one person or entity can live your life except you. People and things are a part of your life, so take them along with you! Being relentless will ignite your purpose, your passion, your pace. Go for it!

Walk With Purpose

Do you know your purpose? Do you have clarity around what gets you up every morning? Are you building your legacy? Knowing your purpose and taking daily action steps towards that purpose will ignite your relentless spirit. If you haven’t, it’s time to find your purpose, live your passion, and pursue life to the fullest.   

There are many ways to discover your passion and purpose if you haven’t. Are you the person who already knows their purpose? Have you gone on your vision quest to pursue it? When was the last time you looked at your plan? Now is the best time to review your path and your pace to make sure you are reaching your goals!

Resolve Yourself

Resolve is a bold term to say that you have made a deep decision (standing firm) on a course of action regarding something or someone. Resolve in yourself to be the most authentic you. Resolve yourself to create the life you’ve always wanted. Resolve yourself to take those hard steps that you know you should and have so desperately wanted to.

Your resolve will give you foundation. That foundation will hold you while defining and strategizing your purpose. Your purpose will cause you to be relentless in taking action. Action requires action. Remember, no one will do it for you, however this year presents itself with the opportunity to act. Find someone you can trust with your inner best. Find your mastermind. Define your accountability. Share your goals. Be relentless to not settle for less than your best. This ignition will stoke the fire of your purpose, which results in the burning fire of resoluteness that won’t go out. Happy New You!