Growth requires movement. It requires change and sometimes… many times growth includes pain. However, like any fitness coach will tell you the pain that comes with growth over time should decrease until you add heavier weights.

This concept is the same in life. Growth requires change and pain. When we grow, we change into something new, something better much like a snakeskin. The younger the snake is, the more brittle the skin is. As the snake grows, it sheds tougher skin.  

Where Is Your Commitment Level?

When the pain goes away and the comfort sets in, it is time for more change. I am not saying that comfort is not good, in fact I would argue that a certain amount of comfort is needed and required in life, yet when it comes to how we (ourselves) show up in life and business, change is the only constant, therefore so should our growth.

Navigating change requires us to be aware that changes are happening. It can seem like a never-ending cycle; therefore, commitment is key. The greater our commitment is to growth, the easier it is to stay committed. Sounds a little trite, however I have found that truth is often simple. What complicates our growth is our mindset.

Next Level Thinking

What keep us from growth is same-level thinking. It is the embodiment of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results (the definition of insanity, right?). This is no different in our minds. Growth requires us to think differently than we have before.

Who we surround ourselves with, the books we read, the music we listen to, the games we play (have I told you I am a master at the game of Battleship?), and yes, even the thoughts we think mold us into believing what we believe.

We must be thinking about where we want to be one, three, five, 10, and eve n25 years from now. The legacy you leave for your business, your family, and you start now. It starts with how and what we think about. We must be investing our time into activities and actions that move us forward.

Next Level Feeling

Having our thoughts under control and working for us allows our bodies to begin to feel what we are doing. Those who say they ‘feel alive’ have broke through thought patterns that have kept them stuck, sometimes for years.

Next level feeling is being able to move those thoughts into feeling the emotion of growth. Accomplishment drives our emotions. When we create something, work on something, or finish something, there are emotions attached to that ‘something’ and we must maintain an awareness of them.

When we begin to feel growth, meaning as we grow, we are feeling those changes, embracing them. It means that we have let go of having to be in control and just be.

Next Level Being

Here is where we find that we don’t need control because we are experiencing growth constantly. We simple are being who we are, doing what we need to and want to. Net level being is about accepting everything that comes our way as an experience inside the journey, not something meant to better us or hold us back.

Too often entrepreneurs (especially) fall into this trap of paralysis by analysis where there is so much information coming our way that we get stuck in obtaining information but not doing anything with it. We should be operating in action by traction. Here we are simply living the life we want to while we are leveling up what’s lagging. This is not a ‘fake it till you make it’ concept. This is a show up how you want to be portrayed concept.

When we take time to maintain an awareness of where we are and where we want to go, we are living inside of this being.

Ultimately, this becomes our new reality. We can think with purpose. We can feel with power. We can be with presence.