Nike’s ethics have been questioned over the years and their overseas production is oftentimes criticized. Despite the debate of ethics, Nike has recently posted a couple of necessary, consumer pleasing products on the market.

First, Nike has launched a hijab for Muslim female athletes. Although it is overdue, the company should be applauded for their new item. Nike is sure to make money off of this hijab and they are making a smart move by designing such a product that allows Muslim women to express themselves while exercising.

Second, Nike has finally launched a plus size clothing line for women and the feedback is sure to be positive. Although this is also overdue, Nike seems to be looking out for women as of late and making sure their clothing can be worn by anyone.

Nike deserves a nice soft golf clap for their recent work and maybe this will create a ripple effect into other areas of their business. These two products are sure to bring in cash flow for the company but it may be the feedback that helps Nike the most.

Nice going, Nike.

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