Here are 3 key points I’ve learned in the last 13 years of helping women pinpoint their perfect business idea.

I started business coaching by helping women transition out of the sex industry. My clients were used to high profit for the time spent and were not going to transition into a “normal job.” Each of them had tried to quit the Adult Industry numerous times before, but the lure of the money was too strong.

I knew from experience that niching was the way to go for a high profit/time spent business. 

To help Sex Workers transition out of the Adult Industry, I used this knowledge about niching to help them pinpoint high profit, high purpose businesses. 

Why high purpose? Because they were already in a high profit business that they wanted out of. The purpose element was extremely important. 

Using my innate gift of seeing my clients’ most profitable skill/talent/gift, I helped them launch high profit, high purpose, high success businesses that enabled them to leave the Adult Industry behind. The deeper we went into a niche they could truly show up as the expert at, the higher profit they could command.

For example, one woman was an amazing makeup artist. Her eyelids looked like she had airbrushed them on. Friends went to her to do their makeup for special nights out. We transitioned her into doing makeup for the movie industry. She took a skill she was good at and that she found pleasurable, and parlayed it into a high profit business.

It felt amazing helping these women feel amazing, and regain control over the direction of their lives.

Niching isn’t only about who you work with, it’s also about who you don’t:
One of my clients was so multi-talented; she was great at so many things and somewhat well known for doing all of them.

The problem was that this diluted her expertise, had her struggling to sign consistent clients, and actually prevented her from making the money she so badly desired for her family. It’s hard to get clients to pay you thousands of dollars for one service when you offer another service for $65.

The trick was for us to narrow in on her most profitable idea and help her release all the other offerings. Her fear was that she would lose out on the money from those offers, but I knew the truth: that she would make more money specializing with just one core high ticket offer.

We specialized her to be the go to person in her field and guess what? The clients started rolling in. Her business is now booked out with a waiting list!

Here are 3 tactical tips on how to niche correctly:

  1. Start with an existing skill/talent/gift — I see so many people learning new skills for their online business because they don’t believe they have an existing skill that can be parlayed into a high profit high purpose business. The problem with this is that they aren’t true experts. They’re newbies with a new skill. This leads to doing lots of free work for experience and testimonials, and still not feeling like an expert. The worst part is that this can actually derail their entrepreneurial goals.
  2. Start with an existing audience. It’s a mistake to start a business for an audience you don’t have easy access to. This creates a hurdle that just doesn’t need to be there.
  3. Focus on your ideal client’s biggest pain point. Is there a sense of urgency to them to get this pain point solved? If not, it’s going to be much more challenging for you to sign them on as your client.

These 3 tactical tips will start you on the road to pinpointing your perfect business idea.

How to use niching to position you as the go-to expert in your field.

Using your existing skills/talents/gifts enables you to truly own your expertise. The more you can lean into your niche, the greater the premium profit you can command.

People want a specialist, not a generalist. If you were having brain surgery, would you want to go to your GP or the best neurosurgeon?

Here’s an example:

One of my clients went from ZERO paying clients to 3 PAYING CLIENTS within 2 weeks of WORKING TOGETHER

Here’s how we did it:

Step 1: Pinpointed her niche

The first problem we had to tackle was that no one was paying attention to her, and she couldn’t figure out why!!

Immediately, I pointed out that her offer was so generalized that is spoke to no one. She made the classic mistake of wanting to serve everyone.

And here’s how we turned that around:

We did a lot of mindset work with her to truly get her to feel and see why trying to attract everyone was attracting no one.

We got clear on her most profitable expertise with my laser focused questioning and superpower of helping clients Nail Their Right Business Idea.

My clients have so many ideas about what their business COULD be.  What I do is focus it to exactly what their business SHOULD be.

How? By finding the Right Subset of her EXPERTISE that would make her the MOST PROFIT!

We took her offline expertise and made it into her NEW ONLINE NICHE.

Step 2: Set her up as the EXPERT

Her Right Business Idea was something that she had skills in offline. We found the subset of this skill that she felt gooood about, that she knew she could nail, and would yield her the most profit.

Step 3: Get Visible

After we crafted this niche, she reached out to her warm circle with her NEW NICHE and BAM, two Paying Clients!!

This client easily signed up her second paying client within a week of her first as her confidence is SKY HIGH, and now she’s looking to add her third. All within 2 weeks of our first call.

She now works 10 hours a week and brings home more than she did working full-time in her corporate job!

Niching is the easiest way to make high profits in business. But there’s a skill to niching, and it must be done right to position yourself as the go-to expert in your field. The riches are truly in the niches.